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Latest Husqvarna Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Husqvarna Digital Radiator Fan Kit

    Husqvarna Digital Radiator Fan Kit

    Jeff in CO

    need relay or need to add wires on 2020 TE 300i

    I got this to work with the stock wire feed under the tank with some modifications. I didn't want to add the wires supplied with the unit for two reasons. One there is already too much stuff under the seat to the point where my seat is hard to install. Two, wiring it direct to the battery would allow it to run when the engine is off and potentially drain the battery unless you also install the switch which you'd need to turn off every time you want to stop and have a conversation with another rider. Also, this requires a fan relay to be installed. My 2020 had a dummy fan relay under the seat. Buy the 2019 xcw. relay you also need to modify the connector under the tank to make contact. Not exactly plug and play if you want to use the stock fan feed.

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  • Husqvarna Open Ended Lock-On Grip Set

    Husqvarna Open Ended Lock-On Grip Set

    Chad in CA

    Only grips that work for me

    Solves the issue of having to cut ends off new grips. They work good for me. Not the most durable grips.

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  • Husqvarna PHDS- Progressive Handlebar Damping System

    Husqvarna PHDS- Progressive Handlebar Damping System

    COREY in FL

    Helps Big Hits

    I ran fat bars with no cross bar and it went pretty comfortable. But I put on renthal twin walls with a crossbar and it had some more shock so I got these. It got rid of the sharp impacts. And it also doesnt twist in the clamps when I fall.

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  • Husqvarna Lock-On Grip Set

    Husqvarna Lock-On Grip Set

    Matthew in CO

    Lock on

    I like the stock odi grips that come on the huskys so for me this is perfect!

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  • Husqvarna / KTM Bleeder Valve

    Husqvarna / KTM Bleeder Valve

    Joe in CO

    Bleeders work like a charm

    I love the having the ability to bleed my forks on the trail without using any tools or worrying about dropping the screws.

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  • Husqvarna Forged Clutch Lever

    Husqvarna Forged Clutch Lever

    Casey in OR

    Get one

    Awesome level, super cheap. Install was a little annoying taking out the small pens. Caution removing small pens in clutch. Sketched my new level before getting it on. Still love it tho. Rookie mistake.

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