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  • Husqvarna Grip Donuts

    Husqvarna Grip Donuts

    Tom in WA

    Don't eat these donuts

    They go on your grips not in your mouth!

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  • Husqvarna Flex Clutch Lever

    Husqvarna Flex Clutch Lever

    Tom in WA

    Great lever but doesn't come with spring or bushing

    This is my second one of these, first one lasted quite a while and withstood many crashes until I took a really good spill in some rocks which just busted the end off. This allowed me to ride out the rest of the day without issue. It looks great and holds up to abuse. My only real complaint that keeps this from being 5 star is they don't include the spring or the bushing with the new lever. So hopefully you still have the original and it's not worn out cause the spring will set you back $30, the bushing $25. I found out the hard way when I busted mine up and managed to loose spring and throw away the old one with the bushing still in it. That and this is pretty expensive. But hey it's a really pretty blue and has a husky logo! Pro tip: You can use a spring out of a ball point pen, cut off a 1 inch or so of the plastic pen ink end (without the ink in it), put it in the spring to give it a bump stop, and boom $30 spring tragedy averted.

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  • Husqvarna OEM CD-ROM Repair Manual

    Husqvarna OEM CD-ROM Repair Manual

    JIM in MI

    Service manual

    Expensive and you need a computer to use it. A manual would have been a better value.

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  • Husqvarna Factory Oil Plug

    Husqvarna Factory Oil Plug

    gilbert in FL

    Would definitely recommend this product for anyone ...

    Man best thing I’ve ever bought for my bike really nice string easy to take off best oil cap out her and delivery was crazy fast and good

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  • Husqvarna Factory Enduro Graphics Kit

    Husqvarna Factory Enduro Graphics Kit

    Corey in CA

    Looks awesome

    Price is great and very easy to apply. My bike looks great and would recommend to

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  • Husqvarna CNC Brake/Clutch Perch Clamp

    Husqvarna CNC Brake/Clutch Perch Clamp

    JIM in MI

    Nice item!

    Bought this to add to my Brembo front brake conversion.

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