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  • Icon Optics Replacement Faceshield

    JOHNNY in UT

    Fits perfectly

    Works well and fits perfectly. Loved the mirrored visors the best.

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  • Icon D3O Elbow Armor

    Timothy in OH

    No Title

    All - good - Fits old Hein-Gericke perfect

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  • Icon Superduty 5 Boots

    Stanislav in OR

    Great every day shoe.

    Everything about it is great, IMO: fit, construction, design. The only detractor are the shoe laces. I like to run my shoes tight. And these shoe laces make it difficult. They stick in the loops, and you can't tighten more than 2 loops down by pulling on them. You have to massage the laces and pull them every 2 overlaps from the bottom to the top. And when removing the shoe, you can't just roll your foot and loosen up the laces. Again, I have to pull on them in several spots to get my foot out.

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  • Icon D3O Back Armor

    Brian in CO

    hopefully I'll never "use" it

    comfortable to wear and fits perfectly in my Klim jacket

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  • Icon Alliance Motorcycle Helmet

    Fallon in ON

    Great helmet for the price.

    Couldnt ask for a better helmet for the price. This will be my second time buying and I am very satisfied with the heat release and noise cancellation.

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  • Icon Patrol 2 Boots

    Scott in MA

    Amazing Boots for Most if not All Off-Road Riding

    I received these boots today, just in time for an early spring ride in Massachusetts. I’m a big guy, with a big calf, and average ankle area. I ride a KTM 500 EXC-F for long road rides leading to dirt roads and single track. I expected these boots to be street bike boots. Looking at them you almost think of super bike or street bike gear. But I wanted minimalist low top boots, so I figured I’d give them a shot. I was very very happy upon trying them on. They are much more padded and thick than what the online picture conveys. They feel as comfortable as a winter boot, just a bit more bulky from the extra sheilding. The boots stops well below the knee, which I like for the most part. No pinching behind the knee like in high style enduro boots. Once again, the padding and sheilding on these Icon boots is more than adequate for off road riding (in my opinion.) The foot, ankle, and shin protection are all capable of protecting you from most rocks and sticks. All your lacking is upper leg protection, but I honestly don’t think I’ll miss that. The bottom of the boot is flat hard rubber, which I hope holds up to my dirtbike pegs. I went through two pair of winter boots last summer because the pegs ate right through them. But I loved the flexibility of conventional winter boots. These Icon boots feel identical to the flexibility of a Columbia or North Face winter boot, so if the bottom holds up they’ll be a winner. The twist to tie feature is amazing. It lets you tighten more and more as you need it. I just hope the mechanism lasts over time. It is definitely nice to quickly be able to adjust the snugness of your boot, especially as it loosens over the day. I don’t know the details of every boot out there. But, these sure do seem to be some great, comfortable, all around off road boots. I know they’re going to be perfect for a quick cruise around the block and down a path when I go out with just a t shirt and pants on. I’ll still keep my knee high boots for days I go ride a state park and I do 100% off road. But, for everything else, which is most of my riding, these will rock. Don’t hesitate to buy these as your all around dual sporting or off-road boot. For most riders they will be more than enough and very comfortable. I’m a 10.5-11, I ordered a 12, it fits perfect. I’d order one size up unless you like a snug fit.

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