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  • JEC Products Tube Saddle

    Joe in CA

    Might be the best choice in terms of performance an...

    Race AVet off road in Northern California, and weight 215lbs. Switched from UHD tubes for years to 2 seasons on Nitro Mousses, and then to Tube Saddles this year. After 10 hours, a few tire changes, and a few races I really like the Tube Saddles and might not go back to Mousses soon. Proof they work? I recently raced with them in Toulon, NV, at high speed with tons of whoops, and a few rim rocking shots to the rear wheel, and came away flat free. In terms of Mousses vs Tube Saddles, here’s my take, Tube Saddle and Mousses each have their place, and each have their benefits. Both are 5 star products, depending on what you want. If you never, ever want to get a flat, or you want tons of traction (and tire roll) in the rear with no chance of a flat, go mousses. But, they’re going to be heavy and when they get the best traction (softest) they take the biggest toll on your rims and may come apart from heat. They’re easier to install than people realize but messy. If you want light feeling, more responsive wheels (turning, jumping, etc) that help your suspension, are more compliant, aren’t messy, and might never get you a flat, go Tube Saddles. But, you’ll still have to fool with air pressure and you can flat. They also will wear our more quickly than a super well maintained mousse. For me, the protection, added comfort, light weight and lack of needed maintenance (mousse lube...) make Saddles good for me at this point. Also, they’re really not that hard to mount (use 4 tire irons, take small bites, use bead buddies), and they protect you from pinching the tubes with your tire irons.

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