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  • K & L Tire Tamer

    K & L Tire Tamer

    Andy in WI

    Makes tire changing a little bit easier

    This tool really helps to get the tube valve stem in to the hole in the rim.

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  • K & L Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    K & L Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    Glen in AZ

    K& L Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    Needed a larger Magnetic tool and this has worked out well.

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  • K & L Steel Wheel Weights

    K & L Steel Wheel Weights

    Aaron in MT

    Lead Free Wheel Weights

    Been using these in my business for quite some time, no issues on street bikes at all. Adhesive is adequate for staying put but also not so aggressive when mounting fresh rubber can be cleaned off easy enough. For the dirt they work ok but when pressurizing muddy rims, or due to ripping through deep muddy trenches they can become dislodged. Likely most folks do not properly prepare the surface of the wheel prior to affixing. This is critical for any pressure bond. Will continue to use for both applications.

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  • K & L Carburetor Parts Kit

    K & L Carburetor Parts Kit

    SHAWN in UT

    Good price wish it came with float also.

    Fitment was fine all gaskets jets needle and seat were there. wish they would offer it with the float.

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  • K & L Oil Seal Puller

    K & L Oil Seal Puller

    Tyler in PA

    Could be better... could be worse

    The seal puller worked for pulling my countershaft seal on my Ktm out but it damages the seal as you pull it out, there’s no way around it, so when I installed my replacement seal in a little too far and had to pull it out a little bit the seal puller damaged my new seal so it still leaks...which is why it gets a 3 from me... the construction is good and might be better for other applications but for this one it could be better. Overall not a bad product for price and cheaper than other options for seal pulling

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  • K & L Valve Shim

    K & L Valve Shim

    Brian in CA

    Great quality!

    I just did a valve adjustment on my KLR650 and these shims were available in every conceivable size, priced well, and seem to be excellent quality. Highly recommend!

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