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  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    michael in VA

    filter of filters

    k and n pretty much says it all , great easy to use easy to clean stands up to the test

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  • K & N Oil Filter

    K & N Oil Filter

    Mark in NC


    Seems to be well made and had plastic seal to prevent debris getting in before installation.

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  • K & N Clamp on Air Filters With Outerwears

    K & N Clamp on Air Filters With Outerwears

    Casey in CO

    Decent filter but outer wears are cheap.

    The fitment was good but the outerwears stink to install and tear easy. Make sure to check your jetting after you install if your carbed

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  • K & N Recharger Kit

    K & N Recharger Kit

    DANNY in CA

    Does what it supposed to

    Cleans my filter and allows for install of new oil. No complaints.

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  • K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    K & N MX XStream Air Filter



    I put this filter in my KX 250 F not expecting much but to my surprise it’s phenomenal.!! The throttle response and power gains are incredible.!! It used to take 3 to 4 kicks for my bike to turn over now it does on one kick. My bike breathes a lot better and warms up a lot quicker. Much better improvement over any air filter I ever had. Very strong power gains mainly noticeable in mid to high gears. I am very please with this air filter and a true believer in K&N air filter‘s !!

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  • K & N Sealing Grease

    K & N Sealing Grease

    Roger in AZ

    A must have !

    Works perfect every time to seal the air filter against seepage of dust and other contaminants. I use it every time I pull my air filter for service.

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