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  • K & N Air Filter Oil

    K & N Air Filter Oil

    Travis in KY

    I like that it is the spray, very good stuff, it's all I use

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  • K & N Oil Filter

    K & N Oil Filter

    chad in AB

    Better than stock filters!

    Works well compared to the oem filters !

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  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    Evan in PA

    Definitely notice a power difference easy fit, great buy!!!

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  • K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    David L in TN

    Very good filter!

    This filter is easier to install than the original type of filter and is reusable by being able to clean and also extends the running time in comparison to the original filter duu to having increased surface area.

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  • K & N Xstream Powerlid

    K & N Xstream Powerlid

    Glen in AZ

    K & N Xstream Powerlid

    Bought as a back up since these will plug up with dirt first and cause the bike to run bad. They are a great upgrade if kept clean, but have have to be cleaned after each ride if in dirty conditions. This is for my wife who rides behind in the dust and they plug up fast.

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  • K & N Air Filter (CARB)

    K & N Air Filter (CARB)

    Mitchell in IL

    A nice improvement over stock

    Good replacement over the stock filter and might offer minimal gains in power, but the snorkel on the air box lid it has to suck air through is where you'll face the most restriction. It seems odd to me though that the dirty air coming in is being filtered through the inside of the air filter and not the other way around. In any case it offers slightly less weight and higher flow than oem.

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