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  • Kimpex Tire Ice-Studs with 0.280" Head (500 pk)

    luke in NV

    A good cheap way to lengthen riding season. Don't u...

    These do pretty good as long as you can get them to stay in the tire. I have a worn hybrid rear tire and the rubber compound is too soft, so I ended up losing 8 studs or so after doing about an hour of riding. I didn't lose any out of the front tire, and I didn't lose any in the harder tires on the klx110. Where these things shine, is on ice. Good grip on ice, modestly helpful in snow, though 10" of soft snow was about the limit of what my 430 could handle.

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  • Kimpex Nomad Rear Trunk

    Ryan in IN

    Very nice box ! And price is right !

    Very good seat and trunk I have the lock and ride on my 2007 Polaris sportsman and I only have 4 of them to lock it down but decided need 6 so I put a 2 inch piece of aluminum angle on the back drilled 2 holes to hit my back to spots on rack I also installed 1 5/8 washers inside so will not crack very pleased with it kids love it !!!

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  • Kimpex Cargo Deluxe Rear Trunk

    Matthew in MI

    Kimpex Cargo Box for 2021 Honda Rubicon

    Set up was fairly simple and overall fit very well on my 2021 Honda Rubicon Deluxe. Looking forward to hit the trail soon.

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  • Kimpex Expedition Sport Box

    michael in NJ

    Light and durable

    Secure and lightweight lockable and works great in our razor 900 Trail, 2020 fox edition.

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  • Kimpex Spare Tire Carrier Cage Tube Clamps

    Chris in ID

    Tube Clamps

    Built my own spare tire carrier and fuel can carrier using these clamps to attach to the roll cage and at first wondered if they were too light but are working well so far. Would purchase again.

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  • Kimpex Universal Spare Tire Carrier

    Rick in ID

    Great value!

    Easy to install! Directions were not the best but it is to figure out. Due to the width of my ATV the kit should include "filler" pieces for the center bracket so it can be tightened equally.

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