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  • Kimpex Nomad Rear Trunk

    Kimpex Nomad Rear Trunk

    Edward in KY

    Good product

    I had to drill some additional holes to make it fit on my ATV, but I knew that going in (not for my unit). It works great overall, but could use some pads where the fore arms make contact.

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  • Kimpex Cargo Box

    Kimpex Cargo Box

    Chris in PA

    Cargo box

    Low the box has tons of room hasn't leaked even when pressure washed works with the Tusk spare tire carrier can't open it all the way but can open it enough to use it just need a bungy cord to hold the lid open no big deal. I can still fit an RTIC 0 soft side under the carrier when using this cargo box i do use a hitch pin on the lid in case the rubber latches come undone all in all would recommend the box.

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  • Kimpex Mud Guard Kit

    Kimpex Mud Guard Kit

    ED in NV

    It keeps the mud out

    I think I got the box that Lulabeth M got. It had been re-taped and no instructions inside. I made a weak effort to install the guards and didn't like what was happening. I decided to return them. I went on a ride the next day and had mud an inch to two inches thick on my RZR 1000s. It was miserable ! I went back to the box and installed the guards after looking at some pic's online and figured out the brackets. The rear flaps look nice, the fronts no much but the next day in the rain and mud made them worth it. 95% less mud.

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  • Kimpex Expedition Sport Box

    Kimpex Expedition Sport Box

    Earle in ID

    Water and dust proof . Good value.

    A well built water and dust proof solid box that you can secure with a lock. Easy to remove with te quick attach system .Don't forget to order the quick attachment separate as they are not included.

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  • Kimpex Outback Rear Trunk

    Kimpex Outback Rear Trunk

    DENNIS in ID

    had this on a 2007 polaris xp550

    love this box . has a lot of room in it. The grand kids set behind the wife and they are held there. I liked the box so miuch I moved it to a 2014 polaris xp550 and is still there.

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  • Kimpex Quick Attach for Rotoplast Trunks

    Kimpex Quick Attach for Rotoplast Trunks

    Ronald in MI

    Easy Button

    Easy to use. Good fit

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