If you’re in the market for the finest riding gear around, Klim is your choice. No other brand in the industry has such an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in quality and comfort. It’s the ideal option for every adventure motorcycle rider. However, even though Klim is primarily recognized in dual sport and adventure touring circles, that doesn’t mean that its versatility can’t offer off-road or street purists premium gear. That’s why you’ll find Klim products across all of our powersport categories: dual sport, ATV, dirt bike, UTV and street bike.

With a complete product line that covers everything from jackets and pants to boots and goggles, Klim has something for everyone. Pick up a new set of gear from Klim to discover how incredible it is.

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  • Klim Induction Jacket

    Klim Induction Jacket

    Joshua in VA

    This jacket fit like it said it would. Feels great after a couple of days of riding. Tons of air flow. Don’t purchase if you ride in cold weather. Perfect for the summer.

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  • Klim Mojave Jersey

    Klim Mojave Jersey

    Alan in NV

    Great for hot weather

    I love this jersey. I ride trails in Nevada and Arizona and needless to say, it gets really hot. This jersey really lets the air flow and it’s well made and sturdy. I’m 6’2 and 200lbs and the XL fits great even with body armor under.

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  • Klim XC Lite Pant

    Klim XC Lite Pant

    Nicholas in MD

    Minor issues don’t stop the cooling breeze.

    First time I wore them I noticed an immediate difference in how cool they are compared to the Mojave pants. Big upgrade in that regard. But I somehow tore them! I didn’t notice until after I washed them though so I don’t know if they tore on the ride or in the wash. Should be easy to sew back up. The rear is in the boot mostly anyway. They look better in person than they do in the pictures too. Besides the tear, the other issue I have is they are bunching up a bit more than the mojave’s do at the knee where I’m gripping the bike. I probably just need to tuck them in better or something but it’s happened on two rides so it might be more than just fixing the tuck. The pocket is why I buy Klim. Well, that and the fact I think they make quality stuff.

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  • Klim Tactical Base-Layer Pant

    Klim Tactical Base-Layer Pant


    Good under pants...

    I liked these for several reasons, the length to ankle as I wear knee braces and wanted some rub relief, has hip/thigh pads that move and conform to your leg plus feels like will take away some of the sting, a coxis pad and a butt pad much like bicycle shorts. Seem to not hold heat but have not used on a fairly hit day yet. I did have to go down a size as bought a large and found to be too large for me as felt okay in the dressing room but felt too large when riding. I went to a medium, fits tighter and seems to stay in place better. I used to have bicycle shorts, mx riding shorts and two knee sleeves per each leg. Too much stuff on. FYI I wear 34x30 jeans and the 34 jean is snug in the waist as a 36 is way too large. I do wear 36 mx pants and cinch up as still old school and wear a kidney belt. I have only ridden in the mediums twice and so far it is good. The score might be higher as want more rides to see how well these wear and feel on a long day of track or trail riding. These are not the cheapest but I preferred these over other options.

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  • Klim Hydrapak Replacement Reservoir

    Klim Hydrapak Replacement Reservoir

    Peter in CA


    lightweight, will have t see how that affects durability. Capacity is good, not too impressed with the bite valve. It leaks a tiny bit open but the lock feature stops it, however the lock feature is not the easiest to open while riding. You can do it but it is not as easy as my old camelback

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  • Klim Nac Pak

    Klim Nac Pak

    Peter in CA

    good pack

    Pack is great. My old Camelback hiking pack started to fray/tear on the mesh fabric interface with the nylon back body. Hey, it was made for hiking and wicking sweat, not for bouncing/rubbing on rough dual sport riding jacket fabric. The pack holds the right amount and the removable tool pack allows for many riding options

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