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Latest KLRDASH Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • KLRDASH Rally Dash Kit

    Michael in NC

    Great product for a reasonable price

    Great product that allows me to mount my GPS and Spot emergency device in easy hands reach. Also the kit allows me to change the angle of tilt on my windscreen which has stopped the buffeting effect that was causing high speed instability. This product is well worth the money for that safety reason alone! I have had mine mounted on the bike for a year and still looks and looks like new. If there was any complaint, I would say some of the nuts and screws are slightly small for the size and I had to retighten the hardware after a few months of use because it was causing a buzzing noise. Locktight fixed that problem.

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  • KLRDASH Loaded Lower Dash Kit

    Joseph in KS

    Volt gauge is red not blue but nice product

    Nice product the voltage gauge was red instead of blue in most of the pictures but that can always be changed otherwise its a great addition

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  • KLRDASH Tuff Rack


    Far superior to stock in function

    Not only does this rack add to the esthetic appeal to my bike verses stock but it's functionality far surpasses that wil the amount of tie down points for all my gear and not to mention it can open a cold on at the end of the day!.

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