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Latest LiquidAider Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • LiquidAider Wireless Push-Button Hydration System

    James in NV

    Where has this been before now?

    The product works great. Easily the best performance enhancer because I'm constantly hydrated. Because of constant small drinks, my body uses the water and I don't have to pee a lot. If anyone has problems installing or with performance I recommend the YouTube videos and calling the owner. I know they have solutions for any thing you don't like because I spoke to the owner at a race and he encourages all customers to bring the discussion so they can make us happy.

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  • LiquidAider Magnetic Disconnect Backflow Preventer

    Tom in CA

    Works perfectly.

    This is a fantastic alternative to the clip style connectors by the other brands. I didn't waste my $$$ on the electric remote pump. Gimmicks tend to fail at the worst time. I bought this to replace the crappy push clip connectors. Works perfectly.

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