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  • LS2 Subverter MX470 Helmet

    LS2 Subverter MX470 Helmet

    Michael in CA

    It’s just ok

    I’ve always ran Troy Lee and thought I’d give this one a try. The value was great . Great ventilation for those hot days but it pushed your face to far forward into the front and even my 100% goggles with the nose piece didn’t even cover all your face . It felt unprotected in your face area. RM let me return it with it with no issues.

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  • LS2 Youth Fast V2 Mini MX437J Helmet

    LS2 Youth Fast V2 Mini MX437J Helmet

    david in MI

    Good starter helmet for the money, graphics are on ...

    Bought this for my 4 year old daughter. We tried on all the popular brands and this is the only one she said was comfortable. No hot spots and easy for her to take off. It does have a long chin bar but doesn't seem to bother her. I do wish the chin straps were a tad longer, kind of tucked up by the padding.

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  • LS2 Citation Helmet

    LS2 Citation Helmet


    Not as good as the video

    I had an HJC helmet before this. It was time for an upgrade so I wanted a helmet with a clear visor with sunglasses so I could wear the helmet at night or during the day and still have eye protection. I picked this helmet because of the looks and the video. I do like all of the vents on the helmet, but I felt my HJC had better flow. Really my biggest complaint about this helmet is that it is so loud with wind noise. It was advertised as being quiet, but this is probably the loudest helmet I have had. With it being so loud I would expect at least some better ventilation. So overall it fits fine, I love the visor and face shield, but it is just super loud. A little overpriced for the value.

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  • LS2 Fast V2 MX437 Helmet

    LS2 Fast V2 MX437 Helmet

    Chuck in NV

    Can't beat it for the value.

    Great looking helmet for the price. Would have given 5 stars but the crown of the helmet could use a little more padding. Would recommend.

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  • LS2 Pioneer V2 Helmet

    LS2 Pioneer V2 Helmet

    RYAN in MN

    good bang for the buck

    I like that the helmet, it is simple and light. I'm happy with my purchase over all. My only complant is that I can't keep the visor cracked on humid rainy rides to keep my glasses from fogging up. It's fully up or down.

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  • LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet


    Cool helmet

    This is real good helmet. The chin flips up turning it into a 3/4 helmet and there is a mechanism that flips down a shaded half face shield, so you dont need goggles if you got the chin up or the main face sheild open. Plus, it's got a neoprene flap under the chin so nothing can get in there while riding.

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