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Latest Metzeler Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard Tire

    LEWIS in CO

    No lean traction...rear tire...cracks in sidewall.....

    Honestly not very happy with this one....the rear doesn't hold when leaning/turning and after less than one season with lots of tread remaining the sidewall has cracked just below the outside knobs, both sides, all the way around. Sent Metzeler a note on FM Messenger, with pics, which they read weeks and weeks after I sent it, and failed to respond. Obviously they don't care.I will not be buying another Metzeler.

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  • Metzeler Roadtec 01 (Heavy Weight) Front Tire

    Brianna in PA

    A winner!

    Metzler has been a tire I've used since the '80's. Keep coming back to it time and time again. The Roadtec 01 is one that leads the way right now with the HWM option for the FJR1300

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  • Metzeler MC360 Mid-Soft Tire

    Stephen in OH

    Kinda let down

    I'm a huge metzler fan. Its all I ran on my street bike. I had the unicross on my 450 and loved them except they were a lot taller for most people but I liked it. I thought that I would try these. Straight line they are great. Every flat corner in the woods didn't matter dry, wet, leaves, ect. the backend wanted to slide out. It felt like a flat tire folding over when going slower. My guest was the paddle tire design and not many offset knobs but I am pretty upset because I just like to stick with what works and now I'm back to looking and cant wait to get a different one to get my confidants back.

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  • Metzeler Tourance Front Motorcycle Tire

    Robert in WA

    the name says it all

    i bought them because of the name brand.. used them in my dirt bike days. now we shall see. haven't put them on yet and won't until mid summer..

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  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire

    Mike in UT

    Metzeler 880 Ultra

    Great heavy bike tires. Feront bacanced up great.

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  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Mike in UT

    Metezeler 880 Utlra rear.

    The date code showed + 2 years old. It took 2 1/2 ounces to balance, which is more than I've ever had tu use. We will see when I ride it today.

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