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Latest Metzeler Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Front Motorcycle Tire

    Samuel in MN

    great supermoto street tire.

    great supermoto street tire. handles everything well. predictable and fast/precise handling. some riders may feel like it's on the twitchy side, but it does great at dealing with cold dirty streets and still hooks up amazing in the dry and in the rain. has just enough siping to help a little with offroad traction.

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  • Metzeler Tourance Front Motorcycle Tire

    Michael in WA

    Great tires for the road and gravel roads

    These work great for road, gravel , but not so much for mud.

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  • Metzeler MC360 Mid-Soft Tire

    Alfonso in NM

    These are good enduro tires

    We ride a lot of single track in the NM Mountains and the winter puts is in the sandy Mesas. These tires work well for both. Great longevity, great traction and not too hard. The fronts are holding up well and the side lugs are not tearing off. The rear is spaced well and the side lugs are holding up. The stiff sidewalls have my pressures at 9 in the front and 10 in the rear. I will buy these again!

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  • Metzeler Karoo 3 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Patrick in CO

    Good value.

    Fine on pavement and very good offroad. I want to say it wears/cups kind of quick on long highway (500 mile days) trips but at the same time it is what it is. It is not a street tire so can't really call that a negative. Good value for the money.

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  • Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard Tire

    Michael in UT

    Good grip for a stiff tire.

    Good tire in dirt, sand, and gravel roads. If there is some dirt for the tire to grab then this tire hooks up great. Side grip is very good as well. Sand and gravel this tire works good but tends to follow ruts. Not so great in rocky conditions. Tire seems to deflect or bounce off rocks rather than absorb. The tire is very stiff so in order to get it to work in those conditions I had to run very low air pressure. On the street it grips much better than expected and gives you confidence in corners. Downside is that it is noisy. Too early to comment on wear.

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  • Metzeler Karoo 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Matthew in OR


    These came on my 790 stock. These felt fine on hard packed ground but put anything loose in front of them and the front end washes out like crazy. Hugely confidence un-inspiring. I have also noticed the back tire loves to spin out and has a hard time hooking up to traction on the gravel or loose surface as well which is causing the tire to wear relatively quickly for having about 1000 miles. Ended up washing out on a gravel road and scratching up the new bike because of these tires. On street however they feel pretty good. On tar snakes they wiggle a bit but most tires would. They did ok in the wet as well but I didn’t push them very hard either. So if your on hard packed stuff and streets these may be good for you but they aren’t for me. Overall not happy and would not recommend them.

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