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  • Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2

    Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2

    Joe in CA

    Save your marriage

    So good. Works and your relationship wirh your wife will get better when you tell her she never has to go into the garage to measure sag again. Old school sag method almost got me divorced...

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  • Motool Slacker Ballistic Nylon Case

    Motool Slacker Ballistic Nylon Case

    Steve in GA

    Good quality protection however not absolutely nece...

    The Slacker V2 is pretty expensive so I figured I'll give it some protection when not in use. The case is very high quality and the Slacker V2 and other stuff fits into the heavy duty foam molding and nylon pouch in the lid perfectly. As it will definitely serve its purpose, the bottom line is that it is really not necessary to have this case to protect it. The box that the Slacker comes in has a foam molding for everything to fit into. So it could be stored right in the box with pretty decent protection however not as good as the case so I'm glad I have it.

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