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  • Motorex Cross Power Full Synthetic 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    Motorex Cross Power Full Synthetic 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    DAVID in AZ

    Does the job.

    Been using exclusively on my '14 250 SX since it was new. Never had a fouled plug. No Power Valve problems. Smokes when the engine is cold, but as soon as it's warmed up you never see it again. It does spit some raw oil out the pipe when I trail ride, but not at the track. KTM recommends 60:1, I have been mixing at 50:1. Engine is way overdue for a top end and is still running great with lots of power. My friends even say it smells good.

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  • Motorex Boxer 4T Oil

    Motorex Boxer 4T Oil

    Michael in PA

    Great product runs great in the KTM and lots of people in my group run this product in both 4 stroke

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  • Motorex Racing Fork Oil

    Motorex Racing Fork Oil

    clifford in NV

    Good 2.5 weight oil

    I had some issues after re springing my forks for my weight. Too stiff. After many adjustments I finally bought this oil and poof, my problems were solved. Highly recommended.

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  • Motorex Long Term Grease 2000

    Motorex Long Term Grease 2000

    Bret in CA

    nice slick grease

    This is a great grease. It seems much slicker than Bel Ray or Maxima

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  • Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    James in CA

    Very Expensive, But You Get What You Pay For

    The KTM engineers recommend this oil. I doubt they are lining their pockets with gold by doing that. They know what is good. My guess is, there is a lot of testing and analysis done. Another synthetic oil would probably be fine. But why not use what the guys who design, build, and race KTM's recommend?

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  • Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Peter in NY

    Best for off road

    Nothing else comes close, lubes well and easy to clean after the ride. All my buddies are hooked.

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