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Latest Motul Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motul 800 Ester Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

    Randall in AL

    No more spluge

    Started running this pre-mix after years of Amsoil. No more spluge dripping down the pipe. No jetting changes, just changed pre-mix...

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  • Motul Expert Fork Oil

    Randall in AL

    Bad Batch of fluid....

    Not sure if I got a bad batch or what.... I ordered 2 quarts, both were the exact same, but one was clear, and the other had a brown tint too it. seems to work fine, just dont plan on keeping this fluid in very long, going back with BelRay fluid..

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  • Motul Off-Road Chain Lube

    TOM in NY

    Good chain lube

    Works well and stays clean. This lube will not build up on your rear sprocket like some other brands.

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  • Motul Shine and Go

    KRIS in CA

    Motul Shine & Go or bust!

    I was cleaning up a couple of Honda Pilots (FL400) to sell and spent lots of time with plastic polish and a buffing wheel to resurrect some shine to the plastics and after hours of work they looked much better. As a final touch I added Motul Shine & Go and the 15 minutes it took to apply it made so much more difference to the looks of the machines than the hours of polishing I could not believe it. The areas I was no too pleased with the polishing job, the Shine & Go fixed. Moral of the story; A can a shine & go can save you hours of polishing. (If you live in California stock up on this stuff 'cuz it works too well to be legal much longer) A+

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  • Motul RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Randall in AL

    Only fluid that wont boil

    Only fluid that wont boil in tight singletrack. I go through TONS of rear brakes and fluid, this is the only one that will NOT boil and fade.

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  • Motul RBF 660 Racing Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Andrew in MD

    MOTUL brake fluid

    Great brake fluid trusted on all my track bikes, consistent lever feel.

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