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Latest MSR Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • MSR Blockade Roost Deflector

    Lorin in AL

    Roost deflector not crash protection

    Great for just roost protection. This is not a great protector for a crash, but it's not intended to be. Just be aware of that before buying.

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  • MSR NXT Pant 2020

    Trail in WV

    Jeans no more.

    Until now, jeans and trails for over 45 yrs, These Actual riding pants are great for shifting weight & getting on or off the bike on off camber situations. Jaggers and branches slip by. Highly recommend for casual trail rider. Weather proofing... what is that. Ride,sweat get wet and muddy... casual trail rider near retirement, don't give a thought to comfort, good value, durability, comfort, protection, Features,,, again they protect what needs protected. Enough said. Buy them and ride on!

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  • MSR NXT Preload Pant

    Alexander in IL

    Pants run small

    This review is about the fit of the MSR NXT Preload pant. In regular clothing my day to day pants and shorts are a 34 and they either fit just right or a little loose. So I ordered these MSR pants in a 34, but when I put them on they were at the limit of what the material would stretch. In other words, they were tight. I exchanged for a 36 and they fit much better. They are still surprisingly snug, but not tight. As for the durability I haven't ridden with them yet, but they look well made. Quality double stitching in key areas.

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  • MSR NXT Infiltrate Pant

    Brandon in TN

    First pair of riding pants.

    Great pants. Ordered a size up like most suggest. I could have probably done my normal size but they would have been a snug fit. This is my first pair of actual riding pants. They are a little warm for summer but will be great for fall riding.

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  • MSR NXT Preload Gloves

    Mauricio in FL

    Good gloves, leather paw

    Comfy and good/resistant material. Leather paw. Fits good.

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  • MSR NXT Infiltrate Jersey

    Ryan in UT

    good stuff for the money - Malcom Smith is a legend!

    Looks and fits great. Lacks durability like all the major brands today. I'm sure the manufacturers claim better breathability compared to the older gear that used to be sold, but you sure can't expect to fall in the bushes or hit a tree and expect the gear of today to not come away with a tear or rip. Though my old jersey from late 90's looks stupid these days, I can't seem to damage them enough to get rid of it like the cool looking gear of today!

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