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Latest Neken Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Neken SFS Complete Triple Clamp

    joseph in MI

    Arm saver

    Have both the spring and the full air style. Incredible on hard landings / over jump. when over jumping, you can land on the throttle with full commitment to forward body position, and you will not feel that painful shockwave like i did before. there is only 10mm of travel, but thats all you need. You will not regret this, air pressure is adjustable to rider preference, and there is a tell tail o-ring that shows you how much of the 10mm travel you are using. if in a hurry, set at 70PSI and go ride.

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  • Neken SFS Spring Top Clamps

    joseph in MI

    Hand Saver

    Unlike the title of the product, these actually have spring / Air. there is a single air chamber that can be filled to rider preference, but, if all the air pressure is gone, you still get some spring force keeping your bars up. After a bad crash in 2019 requiring surgery on my left hand, these allowed me to get back to riding. you will not even know you are using them,until you ride a bike without them. unfortunately I will never be able to ride without these, they are amazing.

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  • Neken Alloy Triple Clamps

    CHRIST in CA

    KTM 85 Neken Triple Clamps - Great Product

    Purchased one set around Christmas 2017 and just purchased 2nd set 5/2018. The reason behind the purchase is how easily forks and bars would get tweaked when falling - even slow speed falls. Bolted these on and they have kept the wheel straight through most falls - even big ones. We do have to adjust now and again, but not even close to prior to the purchase. Highly recommended!

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  • Neken High Pressure Air Pump

    JESSE in NM

    Premium quality air fork and SFS Air clamp pump

    I needed to buy a high pressure pump for air forks & SFS air clamps. This Neken air suspension pump was reasonably priced & looked good on the Rocky Mountain site, so I ordered it. I was very pleased when I got it. It's very well made, excellent quality and works very well. 100% satisfied! P.s. This is not intended to fill tires, but could in a pinch.

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