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ODI’s slogan, “The world leader in grip technology” is not one that’s taken lightly. For over 25 years, ODI has made it their mission to provide the best products on the market. Their laser focus on grips and handlebars shows their commitment to offering the best there is.

Today, ODI still operates where it was founded – the United States. They believe that their success comes not from low production costs and impersonalized labor, but from enduring commitment and maintaining long-term relationships with the suppliers and riders that helped them take off in the first place. Everything for ODI happens close to home, and that’s the way they like it. With an involved, personal, and thorough look at every product from development to shipping, ODI continues to live up to their slogan and then some.

As innovators of the Lock-On Grip system, ODI has developed popular grips like the ODI V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips, the ODI V2 Hald Waffle MX Lock-On Grips, the ODI V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips, and more, all boasting high, slip-free performance. We proudly stock these grips, along with several handlebars, handlebar controls, and other accessories.

Latest Odi Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Odi V2 Half Waffle MX Lock-On Grips

    Mike in MO

    Grip Gamechanger

    Lock-on grips the best thing since sliced bread, especially with the ever growing variety of compounds, colors, and patterns available. These grips are very easy to install, include all of the cams necessary whether your mounting them on your mid 90's two stroke or 2022 four stroke, and provide an excellent feel and durability. It takes more time to peel off, scrape, and clean the goop and glue from your old grips than it actually does to install a set of Odi Lock-Ons.

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  • Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

    Bert in TX

    These grips are awesome!

    Great grips! Perfect size and feel!

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  • Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Jayson in CA


    Put these on my 250 and they have been holding up strong. The grip on these things are amazing.

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  • Odi 7/8" Handlebars

    Travis in AZ

    ODI bars

    Excellent bars have them on my bike and give a 2000?s feel over the huge fat bars. Also very strong my girl friend wrecks all the time and take a lot to bend them. I've only bent one pair in a off-road race . If you just do Mx hard to have a wreck that bends them.

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  • Odi V2 System Snap On Throttle Cam

    Corey in AB

    2019 KX450 ODI throttle cam

    You could probably get away with the standard one in the box, but the stock cam is thicker. So this "K" cam is the correct fit!

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  • Odi Rogue Dual-Ply MX Grips

    Dennis in WI

    Comfortable once you get them on

    They are very comfortable grips, once you get them on. The inside flange of the grip (not sure what the technical name is) is very stiff, and it was extremely difficult to get the grip onto the throttle tube. I confirmed I had the correct grips. I used soapy hot water to slowly slide it on, but there was a time when I nearly abandoned ship it was going on so tough. The whole problem was the opening of the grip, the rest of it slid on just fine, and the clutch side was no problem.

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