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Adventure Motorcycle Battery

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Dual Sport and Adventure Touring Batteries

Looking for a new dual sport battery? We carry premium options that won’t just keep your bike powered, they might just make it feel like a whole new motorcycle. Whether you are on a cross country journey and need plenty of power for riding at night or just want to ensure your bike always starts, you’ll find the ideal solution right here.

We want to make shopping for a new dual sport battery as painless as possible. That’s why you can use our Parts Finder to identify exactly which batteries will work for your bike. In most cases, we have several options available, including key brands like these:

  • Antigravity
  • Ballistic
  • Bike Master
  • Moto Power
  • Motosport
  • Shorai
  • Tusk
  • Yuasa

However, we don’t just differentiate our selection with a variety of brands; we also have several different types of batteries to best meet your needs and requirements. Here are a few things to consider when buying a new battery for your dual sport bike:

  • A lithium battery can offer significant weight and size savings while still delivering more power than traditional batteries. Some are smaller than a paperback book and weigh less than a pound. They’re perfect for keeping your bike light, saving weight for other important adventure gear.
  • A gel battery can be mounted in any direction (even upside down) with no effect on performance. The unique conductivity properties of a gel battery can allow it to provide starting power in frigid weather.
  • Even traditional acid batteries can come in a variety of options. Be aware that some include the acid without any additional effort on your part, but some require you to add it yourself. Either way, you can often find an exceptional value with a modern acid battery.

Whether you want an upgrade that offers lighter weight and more power or just want to replace an old battery, we’ve got something here for you. Take a look at our dual sport batteries today!

Latest Battery Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Antigravity Batteries Re-Start Lithium Battery

    Paul in CA

    Great battery!

    Been an awesome battery in my DR-Z400S. Fit the OEM battery box with just a little persuasion.

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  • Tusk Mini Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Preston in UT

    Jump Start - 2012 Ram 1500

    Employee of RM ATV/MC and my wife actually got this as a gift for me. Went out riding for the day, and totally forgot that I had left the keys in the on position in the truck. (2012 Ram 1500) 7 hours later, I get back and realize my truck won't start. (It can spin the crank just a bit, but stops and just clicks.) After trying to call some buddies to come help me, I remembered I had this stored in my truck! Read the instructions... to be sure not to blow anything up, but easy hook up! Thenwhat do you know, cranked right over. Let it run for about 20 minutes and good as new! I would for sure recommend this as like a backup, or as a just in case situation!

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  • Tusk Lithium Pro Battery

    Nick in CA

    Best battery I have owned.

    I have a 2002 Ktm 400 EXC. It has been a pain in the butt since day one. Battery has always been too weak to start bike. Have tried 5 different batteries including another Lithium. Just move frustration. Always drains trying to start bike. Not with this one. Amazing battery. Can crank the bike and she fires right up. No more drag. Hit the button, she cranks quickly and starts as suppose too. One of the best buys I have made for a bike. Just buy it. And it is small, need the enclosed spacers.

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  • Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    Bradley in VA

    A fraction of the weight of regular batteries

    I put a 440 big bore kit on my Honda 400EX and the regular battery had trouble turning the engine over. This battery has no problem starting it and is a fraction of the weight that the old battery was. I even bought one of these batteries for my YFZ450 now, too.

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  • YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    Andrew in IL

    New battery

    Battery is great and was easy to prep with the acid. Note two conflicting sets of instructions came with. One said to wait 30 minutes plus after I stay the acid before charging. The other didn’t. I waited. Also note that Pioneer 500’s come with the 16 amp-hr rated battery not this 12 amp-hr one that RM’s site said was the correct battery. The 12 works fine but next I’ll get the 16.

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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Amauris in MA


    Good product for a good price. Waiting for the winter to see how it works. Sumer was great.

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