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ATV Batteries

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ATV Batteries

Nothing is quite as frustrating as an ATV battery that doesn’t crank. Don’t be left in the dust as your buddies head down the trail without you – get a reliable battery that will keep you running.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we stock a variety of ATV batteries to ensure that you find something that’s right for you. Just consider the various brands of batteries we carry:

  • Shorai
  • Yuasa
  • Bike Master
  • Ballistic
  • Motosport
  • Tusk

Each is built specifically for the needs of your machine. To see what batteries are available for your quad, just enter its make, model and year at the top of the page.

Looking for an ATV gel battery? We’ve got one, and you’ll be amazed at how well it performs (and while installed at any angle). How about a lithium-iron battery? Yep, and it works like a charm. Most of our batteries are maintenance-free, allowing you to install it and forget about it. In some cases, you will need to fill the acid yourself initially, but once installed, you will not need to worry about further maintenance. Make sure you read the product description before purchasing to determine any requirements such as this. You can also read past customer reviews to get an idea of how well it performed for other riders.

If you need a new ATV battery, nowhere is better than Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Pick up a new battery today – you won’t regret it!

Latest Battery Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • YUASA Standard Battery without Acid

    Mike in ky


    Works Great Good Fit Has been very Dependable and was fast Shipping. Would Recommend

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  • YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    Howard in MT

    replacement battery

    I have not had the battery very long, so it is not possible to give it a true rating.

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  • Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    Shawn in AZ


    This battery is unbelievable! Weighs nothing and cranks the little green monster over with authority. I am trying to remember when I ordered this, probably in the spring of 2018 around March/April. It has been flawless. I know a few things about these batteries now. First of all if you store your bike over the winter take the battery out and store it in a climate controlled space that stays above freezing. Purchase the charger for this from Shorai and charge the battery then store. No need to worry about it until you used it again. Second NEVER EVER let this battery become more then 50% discharged then put a load on it. You'll kill it every single time. These batteries don't like being discharged below 50%. If you find it discharged charge it with the charger to at least 75% before you use it. I am very happy with this and would recommend it to anyone.

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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Phillip in TN

    Cost effective

    Works fine so far. An inexpensive alternative to OEM brand batteries. Measures exactly as OEM.

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  • Antigravity Batteries Re-Start Lithium Battery

    Hineman in AZ

    Great replacement battery!

    This battery saves weight and has more cranking amps to get you bike started faster. Fit was a little off on my KTM 790 ADV Rally so I had to use some foam to ensure a snug fit. I?m glad I went with this battery over AGM.

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  • Tusk Mini Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Donald in NV

    Good product

    Works like a champ! It's hard to believe this device the size of a phone can start a car, and the light with SOS is a good feature.

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