ATV Flags and Mounts

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ATV Flags and Mounts

There’s nothing quite like a good day of shredding sand at the dunes. Of course, the right equipment can make all the difference. For example, sand-specific tires can be the difference between ecstasy and frustration. ATV flags fall right in line with necessary equipment because they are required by law.

Part of the fun of riding in rolling dunes comes from climbing crest after crest. However, another quad can very well be coming in the opposite direction. In a worst-case scenario, two ATVs reach the top of the dune at the same time from different directions, resulting in a horrific crash. The solution? ATV flags. Attached to a pole, the flag alerts other riders of quads that are nearby. They’re perfect to solve the visibility problem that comes inherent with riding in the dunes.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry a variety of flags, poles and pole holders. We recognize that whip flags aren’t just about safety – they’re also about personal expression. That’s why we offer flags in a variety of styles, from patriotic American flags to the hard-core skull-and-crossbones image.

ATV flags fit right up toward the top of the list of things never to leave home without. Take a look at our selection, choose one that fits your particular style, and order it today!

Latest Flags & Mounts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • ZenXTen Universal Motorcycle Flag Mount

    ZenXTen Universal Motorcycle Flag Mount

    Randy in CA

    Great idea. Works well

    Worked great on my 2015 KTM. I already had some previously drilled holes, so I used zip ties for peace of mind. But my friend with a 2017 didn't use any additional fastening methods. It fell off once, but after readjustment, no issues for rest of weekend. Notes: -Only works with 1/4" diameter flags (5/16" won't fit) - Despite recommended in the instructions, I didn't need to spread the end of the fiberglass pole after insertion into the holder. (It fit very tight as it was)

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  • Tusk Light Duty Roll Cage Clamp

    Tusk Light Duty Roll Cage Clamp

    Mike in ID

    Great clamps

    everything was included and easy install. I’ve been using them on the trail for a while and love them.

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  • Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder

    Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder

    DANIEL in AZ

    Stop busting your knuckles

    If you have a RZR and mount your 6’-7’ flag at the rear edge of your bed STOP and buy 1 or 2 of these and distort your arms and wrists and bust your knuckles only one more time installing this and EASILY mount and dismount your flags every time you need to.

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  • Tusk UTV Vertical Flag Mount

    Tusk UTV Vertical Flag Mount

    DANIEL in AZ

    Light bracket

    I used this to mount my rear facing amber lights, and im sure you can mount just about anything with these mounts.

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  • Axia Alloys Angled Bar Flag Mount Kit

    Axia Alloys Angled Bar Flag Mount Kit

    DANIEL in AZ

    Light up the night

    Having a lighted whip at night is a really GOOD idea for safety, and the stock rzr doesnt really have a spot to mount a lighted whip. RZR s have the flag mounts at the rear of the bed but that doesnt get a lighted whip UP high where it needs to be and if you have a roof the only way to use a straight forward flag mount is to hack into your roof, so get one of these and put it on your angled down tube behind the cab and be happy.

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  • Tusk LED Lighted Whip

    Tusk LED Lighted Whip

    DAN in IL

    1st one didn’t work they replaced it right away. Se...

    Works great. Very bright

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