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  • Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Cameron in AZ

    Great product

    Perfect fit! Boyesen makes great products and they always do the job.

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  • Boyesen Clutch Cover Replacement Gasket

    Boyesen Clutch Cover Replacement Gasket

    Cameron in AZ

    Fits Great

    If you have a Boyesen cover you have to use this gasket. I have never had an issue with this gasket and it seals really well even if you didn't remove all the old material.

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  • Boyesen Clutch Cover

    Boyesen Clutch Cover

    Haas in WI

    Love it! A+++

    Bought this for my 04 trx450, came as expected. Fit exactly like stock, good "pretty" part, would recommend to anyone interested in one

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Steve in CA

    Great product

    Boyesen reeds are still a great option for replacing stock reeds for earlier and smoother power delivery. If your reeds are worn out/warped or if you don’t know how old they are, it’s a good idea to replace them and these are a great option.

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  • Boyesen RC2 Series Rad Valve

    Boyesen RC2 Series Rad Valve

    Lars in AZ

    Love this!!!

    After pulling my reeds from my 2018 TE300 after 60 hours I noticed gaps in the reeds. I checked another new bike and same gaps. Seems the stock reeds are ok but definitely do not close 100%. So I started on the quest to find a new reed cage. Looked at the Vforce 4 which are great reeds but noticed same cage type and material. Found the Boysen RAD 2 and it was aluminum and well made with the own proprietary carbon fiber reeds, etc. Boysen has been in the business for over 40 years making reeds so I would venture to guess they know what they are doing. After reading lots of reviews on VForce 4 the consensus was it has a quicker hit on the power due to the design to have more longevity with smaller lighter reeds, etc. I did not want this so I went with the Boysen. I have a 2018 TE300 and before putting in the reeds I dialed the power valve in meticulously and use the red spring. Has a little snap but I like that. Been riding this configuration for a while. Installed the RAD 2 today and also dropped the main jet down a size. RAD 2 has a deeper V and creates more compression which requires a slight jetting change. First thing I noticed was how crisp the exhaust was. From the higher compression and no reed leak. The snap from the red spring is somewhat gone and the power curve is more linear. I thought I lost some bottom end but it was the opposite as I was running of the turns on a turn track I always use. Power was so smooth and felt like I gained a few hp on the bottom end. No big hit up top from the red spring and no power loss in the power band what so ever. When searching there were tons of VForce 4 review but almost no RAD 2. I have glad I got the RAD 2 absolutely love it. Like anything you need to tweak and find what you like as everyone likes something different. But you will not find a tighter sealing reed system anywhere outside of the RAD 2. And reeds are valves to a 4 stroke and leaky valves suck.

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  • Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit

    Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit

    William in MN

    Quality product

    Nice upgrade. OEM inlet was substandard. (milled poorly) Boyesen pump is lager with metal impeller, capable of high volume flow. The price is a little hight and a new gasket would be nice. But.. you get what you pay for . Very nice product.

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