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Loud Mouth MX Parts & Accessories

Loud Mouth MX Parts & Accessories

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  • Loud Mouth MX High Performance Air Intake No Toil Replacement Filter

    CHRIS in WA

    Another great product from no toil

    Great product. Held up amazing so far. No toil stuff has always been good to me. Would recommend

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  • Loud Mouth MX High Performance Air Intake Kit

    Matteo in BC

    Loud mouth for a 2007 Honda 450x

    I bought this for a brand new to me 2007 450x after getting the valves checked. Dealer noticed I was getting dust passed my air filter.... I hated the stock 450x filter box I could never tell if the filter was seated ( I know I got flamed by reader on thumper talk for not being very handy) however, after installing the loudmouth... my bike ran better ( no more low grunt stalling in first gear) and it was super easy to maintain... air filter changes where a breeze.... it has a pipe style or dryer vent style hose clam that clamps around your purposely made air filter and over the opening for the loudmouth... no more dust no more worries... comes with a wash cover so I could pressure was the inside of my air box with no concerns... my only issue was the assembly... I found it difficult... called in a mechanic buddy of mine and he made it look easy... he did say the job would be easier if the gasket they sent was more rigid... so when you slipped it over the screws before putting on the loudmouth everything would stay in place... this will only make sense if you ever put one on... anyhow... best mod I've done to a dirt bike ever... not sure I could feel the extra HP... but I sure could tell a difference in first gear...

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