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Latest Luggage Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Fender Pack


    zipper failed

    zipper broke and left tools all over trail. Didn't last very long.

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  • Tusk Fender Tube Pack with Tire Irons

    Big R in VT


    Tire irons aren't great, they're a bit short when compared to a shop style iron, bag itself is nice, holds a few emergency items, and has never fallen off. Overall I'm happy with it, and it has helped out when in a pinch multiple times. I'd recommend this to others

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  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers


    Very nice, rugged panniers, well worth the money

    Great panniers! I was somewhat skeptical about getting these panniers until I saw them on a friends 1090. Now, he doesn't ride that beast as hard as I ride my KTM 790R, but they seemed to work very well. The instructions are pretty straight forward, and the install is pretty easy. My biggest concern was the durability of these over the bumps, jolts, and jumps that my KTM790R would be enduring. I just completed about 450 miles, with some sections of this ride being more suited to dirt bikes. In one instance I laid the bike over and the Tusk panniers did just fine hold up the bike. I'm VERY pleased with this lockable panniers. They certainly give me peace of mind when at a camp site, or a motel, knowing my gear won't sprout legs and walk away.

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  • Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

    Steen in UT

    NOT Waterproof, overpriced

    It holds a decent amount of stuff for how small it is. Kind of disappointed that this isn't waterproof or even water resistant. All my other Giant Loop stuff is, so I assumed this would be too. It doesn't explicitly mention in the description that it is or isn't waterproof, but the install instruction with the bag do mention that it is NOT waterproof. Wish that was states on the description, saw later in a review that someone mentioned it was not waterproof. Might not have bought it had I known that. For it's sice and features, it's a rip off. But it's not too expensive, so I'll begrudgingly keep it and use it till it dies. Install is easy, but takes a bit more work if your handlebars are cluttered. Where my handguards connect to the handlebars are kinda in the way. I could also see how different bends of bars might cause some issues too.

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  • ROK Straps Heavy Duty Adjustable Cargo Straps


    Best straps Hands down.

    These are hands down the best straps I've used by far on my KLR. I only wish I had them last year on the COBDR.

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  • Tusk Pannier Racks


    Toughest Racks on the market

    The durability of these racks it quite impressive, so much so I've bought a second set. These racks can take some serious abuse and keep on going. In the three years I've had them they have saved me from countless untold crashes and tipovers. If it wasn't for these racks I would have spent hundreds of dollars in replacement plastics and other parts, plus they accommodate both my hard and soft luggage.

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