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  • Maxima Contact Cleaner

    Maxima Contact Cleaner

    Austin in MI

    Truly multipurpose.

    With all things that I have bought, maxima products never disappoint. This contact cleaner worked GREAT cleaning all my components. I was able to remove all scuff marks on my white boots making them look like new along with any marks on my plastics. AMAZING product!

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  • Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Joe in CA

    Spray is a no go, buy the powder or brace yourself

    For the aerosol only: if you have a garage with little to no venting you should not use the spray. Not only does it not last very long in terms of filter cleanings, and sometimes requires a couple applications, but the odor is so strong that you really shouldn’t be using it in closed spaces. Most over powering, toxic smelling cleaner I’ve ever used. For example, I’ve used it in the garage and had it permeate upstairs despite having the windows and garage door open. Love Maxima stuff but this spray is gnarly and very unhealthy. If you have to buy it, apply in an open or extremely well vented area and wear a mask. Or, just buy the powder cleaner that is a 5 Star product, works better and isn’t getting into your lungs.

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  • Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Scott in OH

    Amazing Product

    Would definitely recommend this to someone who is trying to find the right mix. Works amazingly and smells like raw 2 stroke power coming out of the pipe.

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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Scott in OH

    Great Product

    Works wonders on my chain. Always have liked Maxima, they always get the job done right.

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  • Maxima Quick 2 Mix Measuring Bottle

    Maxima Quick 2 Mix Measuring Bottle

    Ellery in VA

    Makes things easy

    Perfect, has a lid to keep it clean when not in use and marked clearly for everything

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  • Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Scott in OH

    Good Product

    Maxima makes great products and definitely didn't let me down when I used this.

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