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Maxima Fuel Additives

Latest Oil & Chemicals Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Taylor in UT

    Quality product for a reasonable price.

    Provides excellent protection from over heating. After having many issues with over heating I switched to this product and haven't had a problem since!

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  • No Toil Foam Air Filter Oil

    Bryson in UT

    Easy cleaning, but not the best filtration

    I've used it a lot through the years, but I'm come to the conclusion that it is not the best oil on the market just the easiest to clean. I've had it let dirt through a few times especially in wet or cold conditions. I've also had the old harden up and ruin filters if left for too long between rides, which is frustrating if you don't ride for a week or two and then the filter oil hardened up. I find that Maxima FFT and Belray work much better at stopping dirt and if you keep a bucket of Kerosene, not that much harder to clean. To me I'd rather take a few extra minutes cleaning my filter than letting dirt into my engine.

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  • Yamalube 2-R


    Great Price

    Yamaha updated this oil a little while back. This is different from the Yamalube r which was not a great oil. There are a lot of other oils out there like Amsoil and Maxima but r2 is a lot cheaper and its a good oil.

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  • Tusk Cable Luber

    Jason in GA

    cable saver

    I bought this to help loosen-up a tight clutch cable on my CRF450 and to my amazement it worked awesome. I had purchased a replacement clutch cable that pulled really hard and wouldn't loosen up after several attempts to re-route and lubricate. I used this cable luber along with a can of silicone spray and that did the trick. I have since used it on my YZ also with great results.

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  • Klotz R-50 2-Stroke Oil

    Josh in MI

    Good so far

    Can't comment on long term effects on my bike, but I trust it to lubricate as it should. It smells okay, but not as good as Castor927. Bike runs great. I like how this dyes your mixed gasoline solution a reddish-purple color so it's obviously premix.

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  • Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Christopher in AZ

    Great smell

    Great 2 smoke oil . Only thing I ever run . Great smell and great motor protection. Run it in my banshee and 250r @32:1 - 40:1

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