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SKF Parts & Accessories

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  • SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    JAY in TX

    Buy these!

    Best quality and life for a seal without question. You will do fork seals 3x to these 1x. Spend the extra money and get them.

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  • SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    Jeremiah in AZ

    Great. Work amazing.

    I use my bike to Extreme and bottom countless times in a days ride and have had a fair amount of fork seal replacements. I usually clean dust seals every two tanks of fuel. After installing these I have checked dust seals and it appears to keep nearly all dirt and mud out of seal area where bottoming uses to smash dust n mud past dust seal. Seem to soften bottoming slightly.

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