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  • Polaris Canvas Upper Half Doors

    Polaris Canvas Upper Half Doors

    Nick in OH

    These upper half doors are the way to go because they are built well with a strong full frame.

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  • Polaris Donaldson Premium Air Filter Upgrade Kit

    Polaris Donaldson Premium Air Filter Upgrade Kit

    Fletcher in PA

    Polaris premiem air filter Polaris General

    Quality air filter cheaper than K&N . Works just as good , Stick with OEM .

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  • Polaris Accent Lighting Kit

    Polaris Accent Lighting Kit

    Spencer in CA

    Purchased for emergency repair lights if I break a belt out after dark....works well for that purpose as well as any required repairs on the other 3 wheel areas

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  • Polaris OEM Drive Belt

    Polaris OEM Drive Belt

    Norman in NV

    Beats your local Dealer!

    If it's a Polaris, use a Polaris, I say. Best price anywhere, local dealers can't even come close.

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  • Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery

    Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery

    Norman in NV

    Don't leave home without it!

    Wasn't sure about the which winch to get. Talked to a few people, and was convinced this was the way to go. Hoping I never have to use it, but am confident if I do it will do the job. The install video I watched was awesome, and made the install simple.

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  • Polaris Winch Wireless Remote

    Polaris Winch Wireless Remote

    Marshall in NY


    I couldn’t give it a 5 on durability as I haven’t had it long enough. Installed it on my 2018 Polaris General Premium with stock winch. Unplugged the wires and connected the wireless receiver. I didn’t see anywhere I could attach it with the supplied Hardware so I Zip Tied it to the subframe with 4 ties. 15 minutes tops. Battery was included in remote. Worked perfectly!

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