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  • Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    John in PA

    this product fit great! Very easy to install and looks great!

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  • Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    Dan in WI

    Whatever you need, Polisport seems to have it!

    As always, a great price on a good product at RMATV/MC. Bought a spring refresh set for my own 2017 Honda 450 in all red. Also bought a green/white set for a friend's 2000 KX250, which was a perfect color match for the KX green in 2000. (Newer KX's are a different shade of green). Pretty awesome oem match for an older bike!

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  • Polisport MX Restyling Kit

    Polisport MX Restyling Kit

    Seth in NY

    Makes an older bike look more modern.

    Not much has changed with the YZs over the years. Get this kit and it will make your older bike look like a new one. This kit bolted right on easily, had to trim a little around my radiator brackets. They only thing I didn't like is the color didn't match the OEM plastics. It was a shade or two off. But the price is good. Air box alone is worth the price.

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  • Polisport UFX Free Flow Front Fender

    Polisport UFX Free Flow Front Fender

    Ken in TX

    5 Stars & fits great on my XR650L

    Great looking mod to any XR650L. I used a couple of spacers to clear the OEM cable bundle that runs under the triple tree, but easy fix. Highly recommended!

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  • Polisport Folding Bike Stand

    Polisport Folding Bike Stand

    Jason in CA

    Nice space saver

    I just received this stand and only used it once but i like it! So tired of those aluminum stands than take up room and clank around. These fold up flat and save space! Seem durable but we will have to see how long it will last. They are a bit tall so my kid cant put it on the stand himself but makes it easy to change wheels.

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  • Polisport Side Panels

    Polisport Side Panels

    Cameron in AZ

    Fits Perfect

    Great price and great product. Thank you RM for the cheap prices and fast shipping!

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