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  • R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    Richard in ID

    2005 CRF 250r

    Installed on my 2005 CRF250r that I ride mostly on tight single track in the woods. The hesitation is almost completely gone and the throttle response is much better. It helped the throttle response enough that I can run higher gears / bog it down more on tight trails as well. My bike also starts easier when cold or hot. Very easy tuning because of the adjustable leak jet screw. Highly recommend for anyone trying to get better performance but can't afford a fuel injected bike!

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  • R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    Dana in MA

    No brainer

    If you have an FCR carb with the Fuel screw on the bottom than this is essential. FYI-If you have the scew set at a cetain setting for a long time, scew it in and out here and there or it may freeze up and the wire will not have the stregnth to spin it. I put a little lube around the screw whenever its out.

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