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Latest Rabaconda Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Rabaconda Pro Tire Iron Set

    ronald in PA

    dirt biker

    Waste of money. Too thick to get between rim and tire. My Motion Pro long iron is so much better. I should have spent the money on 2 more Motion Pro tire irons.

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  • Rabaconda Gen 4 3-Minute Tire Changer

    Duane in TX

    Expectation Management

    This is a great tool, and I wouldn't want to change tires with mousse bibs without it. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty fast and easy. The stiffer the carcass and sidewall of the tire, the more challenging it can be, though, especially if the mousse is at the large end of volume for a given tire, but the tire is too big for the next smaller mousse. It's now faster than a tube tire change, for sure. I'd like to set some expectations, though. Yes, it is possible to perform the act of removing and installing a tire in 3 minutes. Even when you have the hang of it, though, lubing or re-lubing the mousse, and on first time mousse installations, cleaning and taping the rim, plugging holes, etc., will take a significant amount of time beyond 3 minutes. But totally do-able in 15-20 minutes from breaking an axle but loose to torqueing it back down after re-installation on a simple re-mount. FOR YOUR FIRST tire change with a mousse, however, it may not go as smoothly. I'd recommend leaving your schedule open for a longer period, say 1.5 or 2 hours with no interruptions. Grab a few of your favorite beers. If you don't drink, I suggest having a good relationship with the Lord, and read the book of Job. You're first going to grease up a circular python and then try to wrestle it inside a tire that it seems like is 3 sizes too small for said python to fit in. Persevere, and you will succeed. By the time this task is completed, you will be covered in mousse slime and sweat. Wear old clothes. Next, you have to get the first bead over the rim. You, the wheel, and the tire are all covered in slime. In about 10 seconds after starting, the tire irons will be slimy, as well. Getting that first bead on will be a physical and emotional victory. Celebrate it. Have a beer. You will be thinking about quitting now, but hang in there. Re-watch the videos on using the rabaconda again. You'll be doubting yourself now, and this is no time for that. Back at it, it should go far smoother now, the beadlock can be tricky. Don't use the little loops on the rabaconda to lever against. Just use the brake disc to lever against. You'll thank me for this later. When you get that first tire on, take some time to soak this up. Skip the gym today. You'll have earned it. After 3 or 4 tires, it really does get super easy, and the rabaconda is awesome, but I just don't want anyone to go into this expecting to unpack the rabaconda and have a mousse/tire installed in 3 minutes. Would definitely recommend and would buy again.

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