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  • Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace

    Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace

    Marlo in WA

    Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace

    Purchased as replacement of old Alpenstar brace. It fit very well with my Atlas chest protector. It was more comfortable than my last one. I had a big get off in a rhythm section and landed head first into an uphill. Broke 10 ribs, collar bone and had a collapsed lung. The brace did exactly what it was supposed to do and saved my spine. I'll take a broken collarbone over a spinal injury every day of the week. This product worked very well for me. I have inspected it and found no damage so I have been wearing it on my last two rides. I did have to replace my helmet but the brace look fine.

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  • Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Todd in UT

    Money well spent.

    Great fit. Doesn’t get in the way. Never was sure how well it worked til I took a hard tumble on a day I forgot to put it on. Had a sore next for a few days after. I won’t forget it again

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  • Atlas Wireless Tether

    Atlas Wireless Tether

    Peggy in VA

    Much stronger

    Way toughter than the original wire. Great for spares.

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  • Atlas Charger Under Jersey Roost Guard

    Atlas Charger Under Jersey Roost Guard

    Jack in SC

    Good low profile option

    I bought it knowing I was sacrificing protection for comfort and ventilation. It fits awesome and while riding it's the closest thing to wearing nothing in terms of keeping me cool.

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  • Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Jonathan in LA

    Great product

    My son is almost 9 yrs old and loves it while riding his kx65. It doesn’t move on his shoulders and it helps a lot.

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  • Atlas Defender Roost Deflector

    Atlas Defender Roost Deflector

    Timothy in WI


    Works great I wear a neck brace and fits perfect I would recommend this if you wear a neck brace and I’m on the the bigger size and adjusted great

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