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2020 MX Goggle Buyer's Guide

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Dirt Bike Goggles

If you aren’t getting dirty when you’re out riding your bike, you aren’t doing it right. But if you can’t see because you’re too dirty, you’re not wearing the right goggles. Everyone from the casual trail rider to the motocross superstar knows how important goggles are. They keep dust out of your eyes. They keep the rain away. Some even have tear-offs that make it easy to get rid of any dirt that has accumulated on them while riding.

The goggles we carry come with a variety of features. Of course, since you’ll be wearing them for hours on end, comfort is key. We have goggles that are engineered to fit nicely over your helmet and snuggly against your face. Breathability is also important. Dirt bikes require a lot of effort, and that translates into sweat. But with the right goggles, you’ll keep it down to a minimum. Some goggles also come with additional features such as anti-fogging properties for chilly riding. Some even fit right over prescription glasses.

With brands like Spy, 100%, Oakley, Thor, Dragon, Scott, Smith and many others, you know that quality is the name of the game when you shop at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Even though we carry hundreds of choices, every single one of them is a quality product that will serve you well on the track or trail. When you shop with us, all you have to worry about is what color scheme and design will best match your existing gear. Browse our selection and pick up a new pair of goggles today!

Latest Goggles Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Oakley Mayhem Pro Goggle

    Christopher in UT

    Good Goggles, NO UV protection

    My eyes and face became sun burned after riding, not awesome as you only have one pair of eyes and the fire I feel is not pleasant. I am outside of the return window and will set these on the shelf somewhere. Sad waste of money for what is likely one of the highest quality brands.

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  • 100% Strata Goggle

    Eli in UT

    awesome function for the price

    These are just great all around goggles, especially for the price. Fit pretty well, keep the dust out, and dont fog up even with desert riding. I have the reflective lens and it really helps cut the glare without making it dark.

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  • Scott Prospect SR Military Goggle

    christopher in NY

    'The Bee's Knees'!

    I absolutely love theses google, so comfortable and look great with my Camo Fox 1 helmet.

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  • VSN 2.0 Goggle

    stephen in NY

    Great value

    These goggles are amazing. They fit great. I was looking at other goggles like wtf, why are they so expensive, then i saw these bad boys. Seams like everything I could ask for in a pair of goggles.

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  • 100% Armega Goggle

    Matthew in NC

    Problems with tear offs

    Anyone had trouble with the tear offs not staying on the little studs. We have many pairs of 100% racecraft goggles and have never had a problem with the laminated tear offs staying attached. For some reason the studds seem to small for the new Armega tear offs. After a few miles of riding the whole tear off pad is flapping in the wind. Once that happens they will not go back on at all and stay put. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks

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  • Leatt Velocity 5.5 Goggle

    justin in RI

    Beware the falsely advertised lens color!

    bought the Red frame/Blue lens combo and the “blue” lens could not be any less blue. Maybe if you hold it up to the light just right you can see a hint of blue but it’s basically just a black/blue lens with zero mirror. It looks nothing like the picture shown on Rocky Mountains website. Part of the reason I chose this set of goggles was for the unique red/blue mirror combination shown in the picture. I don’t understand why they would mislead people like this!!! It’s a real shame because the overall build quality and comfort of the goggles seems great. Lastly my goggles did not come with the removable nose piece mentioned in the description, not a big deal for me since I probably wouldn’t use it anyway but people who do use them should take notice!

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