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Dirt Bike Socks

No set of dirt bike gear is complete without proper riding socks. The rights socks can help you stay more comfortable while riding, allowing you to get the most out of every trip you take with your bike.

The primary purpose of a sock is to wick away moisture. Off-road riding is a strenuous activity, and feet produce a lot of sweat – more than most other parts of the body, actually. Dirt bike socks are designed for the sport; they’re typically tall and can effectively wick away a large amount of moisture.

On cold days, good socks can also keep you warm. Part of this has to do with wicking away the sweat. But part of it also has to do with the composition of the sock – the material and the thickness. You can take a moment to read the product descriptions to find out what a particular sock is made out of. And if you already know whether you specifically want something that is thick or thin, we have a filter on this page (left sidebar) that makes it easy to narrow the selection.

Good dirt bike socks also help you avoid blisters. If your foot doesn’t fit snugly in your boots, that extra movement will cause blisters. Socks help reduce that movement. In this way, good socks don’t only keep you comfortable while you ride; they also make sure you’re comfortable afterwards as well.

If you’re ready for new socks, check out our selection. We carry a variety with different styles and at varying price points. Pick up a new pair today!

Latest riding socks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • A.R.C. Moto Socks

    A.R.C. Moto Socks

    Scott in IN

    ARC moto Socks

    Great socks for the price, would definitely Recommend.

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  • O'Neal Racing Pro XL Knee Brace Socks

    O'Neal Racing Pro XL Knee Brace Socks

    Lessandro in TX

    They are ok, not as long as they say (im 6,4) and a bit Thinner than Expected to use with knee braces

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  • Rocky Mountain ATV/MC MX Socks

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC MX Socks

    Jason in TN

    Fit and finish were excellent. Very soft med thickness sock that stays up all day. And a great price. No need spending more unless you need a really thin summer sock

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  • Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Full Length Knee Brace Socks

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Full Length Knee Brace Socks

    Joshua in FL

    Good but big

    These socks seem very nice, with seemingly good materials and construction, and at a good price. I am happy, but the sizing seems LARGE to me. The 2 choices as far as size are 6-9 and 10-13. I'm pretty much 10.5 to 11 so I went with the 10-13. The minute I took them out of the packaging, I realized how big they were, from the length to the foot size. I've got to leave the foot kind loose. If I snugged it up by pulling the way I should, the heel would be at my achilles. The top of the socks comes up just shy of my groin. I would say these are like 12 to 15. After seeing that, the smaller size seems like it would have been more appropriate. If you factor that into your decision, you should be fine. I still rate them a 5.

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  • O'Neal Racing Pro MX Print Socks

    O'Neal Racing Pro MX Print Socks

    Steve in CA

    Great product

    Great socks that are true to size. I would recommend to anybody.

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  • Stance Knee Brace Moto Socks

    Stance Knee Brace Moto Socks

    LEVI in CO

    They stay put

    These socks stay put and work very well. Super comfortable and they DONT fall down. Braces stay in place. Highly suggest buying these.

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