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Fox Racing Riding Gear

The history of Fox Racing is, in part, the history of motocross racing. It all started with Geoff Fox, a can-do motorcycle enthusiast who built his own company from the ground up. What started as a small parts distribution company, however, quickly grew into a recognizable motocross apparel brand. Fox found his passion in making bright, colorful race gear for his motocross team, and hasn’t looked back since.

Flash forward to today and Fox Racing is still known for producing some of the most progressive and timeless motocross gear available. Though their MX line continues to be extensive, the brand has become so recognizable and so highly sought after that it has expanded to include a casual apparel line. Featuring items like hoodies, t-shirts, and hats, the casual apparel caters to all facets and needs of the industry.

With their finger on the pulse of the industry, Fox Racing has easily become one of the most popular and influential brands available. It isn’t all about cool colorways and designs, though – Fox Racing is also a leader in and advocate for rider safety. The newest technology and latest innovation available is worked through their helmets, neck braces, and other protective gear, all to ensure riders are as safe as they can be - wherever they ride.

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