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Helmet Accessories

When it comes to protective gear, a helmet is usually at the top of the list. Because a quality helmet is generally somewhat of an investment, it is nice to know that you can personalize or replace parts on your helmet with helmet accessories from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

A great feature of modern helmets is that many of their components are made to be replaced. The wear and tear of riding can take a toll on a helmet, but we’ve assembled a vast collection of helmet accessories to help with needed replacements. If you’re looking for a new face shield, pinlock insert, or visor, we stock several brands in a variety of colors. Don’t be afraid to be creative and make your helmet style your own! We’ve also got you covered on the small stuff like visor screws and mouth pieces. But that’s not all, we also offer a few helmet accessories that serve as helpful enhancements like helmet lights, quick release buckles, earplugs, and so much more. Replace the parts you need and buy the parts you want, all from our extensive selection.

A helmet is an investment, so treat it as such and maintain it with helmet accessories available from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. If you have questions about fitment or installation of any accessories, give us a call. We are dedicated to helping you keep your helmet in top condition.

Latest Helmet Accessories Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motul M1 Helmet Clean

    andrew in NE

    worth the bit more.

    works very well. breaks up bugs and road grime fairly quick, leaves a smooth streak free finish. smells ok. glass cleaners and cleaners with a propellant damage your poly visor its worth it to buy an appropriate cleaner. i didn't on my last helmet and it shows, new helmet will be treated better. in the end you do you.

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  • Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Replacement Faceshield

    BRIAN in WA

    High quality replacement face shield

    With all of the bugs and debris hitting your face shield plus all of the constant cleaning, your shield will become scratched or chipped sooner or later, I replace mine every 12-18 months. This shield is a quick and easy replacement, can be swapped out in seconds. Very high optical quality.

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  • Bell MX-9 Adventure Replacement Faceshield

    DAVID in UT

    Faceshield review

    Fits perfectly and good quality, no scratches yet!

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  • Tusk Helmet Light Kit

    Tyrel in NV

    Good light for price

    Bough Tusk helmet light to practice night racing with my son. He was a Task Racing light that is noticeably brighter and sturdier, but twice the price. This is a great light for its price. Would just like to see it have a little more solid mounting.

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  • Oxbow Voyager Helmet Light Kit

    Wayne in AL

    Good light

    Works great. Lightweight and puts out lots of light. Good battery life.

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  • Thumper Jockey Helmet Light

    Robert in WA

    Good for slow woods, not for fast desert

    I bought a pair of these for a last minute, spur of the moment 24 hr team endurance race, and mounted them on my helmet to supplement my stock KTM headlight which sucks. The course was pretty high speed, desert race type of terrain. These lights are bright, but they don't throw out very far. They would be perfect for single track woods riding, or just slower fun- ride night rides. But they did limit my speed due to lack of throw. After about 60' the beam just becomes very soft and you lose definition. Very good lights for what they are though. Will use them in the woods for sure. Can't speak to battery life yet. Ran them for about an hour at a time on high, and they still showed full on the indicators. Topped them off between laps anyway though. Also, reviews indicate they come with both wall and car chargers, but that is apparently no longer true. They only come with a wall charger.

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