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  • Icon Patrol 2 Boots

    Icon Patrol 2 Boots

    Scott in MA

    Amazing Boots for Most if not All Off-Road Riding

    I received these boots today, just in time for an early spring ride in Massachusetts. I’m a big guy, with a big calf, and average ankle area. I ride a KTM 500 EXC-F for long road rides leading to dirt roads and single track. I expected these boots to be street bike boots. Looking at them you almost think of super bike or street bike gear. But I wanted minimalist low top boots, so I figured I’d give them a shot. I was very very happy upon trying them on. They are much more padded and thick than what the online picture conveys. They feel as comfortable as a winter boot, just a bit more bulky from the extra sheilding. The boots stops well below the knee, which I like for the most part. No pinching behind the knee like in high style enduro boots. Once again, the padding and sheilding on these Icon boots is more than adequate for off road riding (in my opinion.) The foot, ankle, and shin protection are all capable of protecting you from most rocks and sticks. All your lacking is upper leg protection, but I honestly don’t think I’ll miss that. The bottom of the boot is flat hard rubber, which I hope holds up to my dirtbike pegs. I went through two pair of winter boots last summer because the pegs ate right through them. But I loved the flexibility of conventional winter boots. These Icon boots feel identical to the flexibility of a Columbia or North Face winter boot, so if the bottom holds up they’ll be a winner. The twist to tie feature is amazing. It lets you tighten more and more as you need it. I just hope the mechanism lasts over time. It is definitely nice to quickly be able to adjust the snugness of your boot, especially as it loosens over the day. I don’t know the details of every boot out there. But, these sure do seem to be some great, comfortable, all around off road boots. I know they’re going to be perfect for a quick cruise around the block and down a path when I go out with just a t shirt and pants on. I’ll still keep my knee high boots for days I go ride a state park and I do 100% off road. But, for everything else, which is most of my riding, these will rock. Don’t hesitate to buy these as your all around dual sporting or off-road boot. For most riders they will be more than enough and very comfortable. I’m a 10.5-11, I ordered a 12, it fits perfect. I’d order one size up unless you like a snug fit.

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  • Fly Racing Maverik MX Boots 2018

    Fly Racing Maverik MX Boots 2018

    John in OH

    Tight in the calfs

    Nice boots but tight in the calf, mind you I do have large calf muscles. The boots were a pain to latch and buckle. I guess if my calfs were like normal people they would fit great.

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  • Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Boots

    Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Boots

    Erin, Cody, Caden in OK

    Love these

    Bought these for my son and he loves them. Very comfortable.

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  • Gaerne Youth SG-J Boots

    Gaerne Youth SG-J Boots

    Lisa in NC

    Terrific youth boots

    Best youth boots I have purchased yet!!easy to clean, very fitting and secure buckles. Definitely good quality parts.

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  • Fox Racing Instinct Boots 2018

    Fox Racing Instinct Boots 2018

    kevin in WA

    Needed one size larger than I normally wear

    I read the reviews and some said to get one size larger while others said they ordered their normal size; it was a coin toss. Fortunately Rocky Mountain knows how to do customer service and the turn around time for the larger size was quick, thanks so much RM. Out of the box the bigger size feels pretty good, a bit stiff but they are brand new. I normally wear Tech 7s and am used to a comfortable fit; still have them and still love them. The Instincts do pivot at the ankle enough to indicate they will be comfortable when I begin using them and should flex when I need them to. I really like the look of these Instincts. I like the buckles which are easier to operate than the Tech 7s, and that there is no velcro which can make the boot close together a little off which makes the buckles not line up correctly. The boot flap can move a little allowing the buckles to shift where they need to and line up properly. The soles and side panel rubber seems quite rugged and should take a lot of abuse. They were on clearance so I got a discount but they are still a bit spendy. They also came with 2 replacement buckles. Overall I really like them out of the box and look forward to breaking them in.

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  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Jake in ID

    Best boots around $200

    I have tried almost every brand of boots in the last year trying to find one that fits my fat feet and skinny ankles. These boots have a nice wide footbed and enough adjustment I can get them nice and tight. These are the best fitting boots out of the box at this price point by far! No pinch points or uncomfortable creases. They fit fairly big. I wear an 8 shoe, and ordered these in an 8. I added gel inserts and they fit very comfortably. Without the inserts they would have been a bit roomy and I may have had to try the 7s. Very minimal heel float, and big enough up top to run braces or pads. I'm definitely buying Gaernes again.

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