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Motorcycle Jackets

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Motorcycle Jackets from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

When you ride on the street, you need a jacket that fits your style and delivers protection. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has the best selection of motorcycle jackets whether you ride a sportbike, cruiser, or anything in between. We carry top brands including Alpinestars, Icon, Speed and Strength, and REV'IT so you can find a jacket that works with your budget. So whether you want a jacket that's abrasion-resistant top-grain leather, ventilated mesh textile, insulated for cold weather, or completely weather resistant for year-round riding, you'll find it here in Rocky Mountain's selection.

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  • Fly Street Flux Air Mesh Jacket

    Fly Street Flux Air Mesh Jacket

    Nicholas in NJ

    Good light summer jacket

    Good cool jacket that offers pretty good protection for spine, elbows and forearms. Breathable mesh fabric is great for summer riding. It wasn't what I meant to buy but when i got it it was end of summer and used for the last hot days so I kept it.

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  • A.R.C. Mid-Layer Jacket

    A.R.C. Mid-Layer Jacket

    Phillip in UT

    Good Jacket

    This is a good jacket so far, but the arms are ridiculously long. I ordered my normal size and the cuffs go well below the tips of my fingers, 3-5 inches. Other than the arm length the jacket fits true to size.

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  • A.R.C. Packable Jacket

    A.R.C. Packable Jacket

    kenneth in OK

    Great deal, worthwhile purchase

    Got the xxl to fit over pads this is a awsome deal for the money used for a week in colorado just enough when it rained easy to pack away easy to put on i do recommend it highly

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  • A.R.C. Battle Born Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. Battle Born Adventure Jacket

    Joseph in MI

    Very unhappy with the gear.

    I have just completed one full riding season with the A.R.C Battle Born jacket and pants just over 5000 miles of riding this year. I have to say I'm very unhappy overall with all with this gear especially after watching Everides review. The review that Everide put together was a complete joke in my opinion now with the experience I have with this gear. I ware this gear everyday mainly commuting to work and back 95% of my riding is on road. This season I went off road six time for a total of mabye 60 miles and never having dropped my bike, so I don't hard use my riding gear at all very light mostly on road use. I have had a lot of durability issues with both my pants and the jacket to include the main fly zipper on the pants, snaps around the ankle coming off and velcro sections falling apart. Not to mention waterproofing problems my biggest criticism is that the suit is NOT! waterproof even a little bit. The suit basically has DWR on the outside and that's is all. As soon as the DWR wares off the water just pours through vents completely closed or not. I have also washed the gear in Nikwax a DWR restorative trying to get that waterproofing back. It definitely helps but it doesn't last very long. I had to invest in a Frogg Toggs rain suit over garment it's not ideal. The water resistant nature of the suit lasted for a month of riding after that I would get soaked to the skin every time. The fly zipper on the pants broke literally the second time I put the pants on when I first purchased them. The stiches came apart ware it's sewn to the pants. The baffling thing to me is that I have plenty of room in the pants. I have to use the ratchet and both side velcro closures to keep them up there is very little stess on that zipper at all. I have since fixed it with my own stitching work the nylon on the YKK zippers is a very poor quality and comes apart easy. On my right forearm the velcro closures completely failed on me. The fuzzy part of the velcro separated from it's backing and is now completely useless on that arm. Also nearly all of the the pull lanyards on the zippers have broken off. These lanyards are essential for opening and closing the vents with gloved hands without them it's nearly impossible without taking the gloves off. I had to make my own zipper lanyards out of hollowed out 550 cord. I'm also not that crazy about the color options available. I went with the gray because it was the brighter of the two options. I am a big believer in loud colors for safety reasons on the road. This gear should have a high-vis yellow option with high-vis being the primary color not as an accent color. On nice sunny day's with all of the vents open the suit breathes very well and is very comfortable. Although if the temp is in the high 80's and 90's with high humidity expect to sweat your butt off it's hot. I totally expected this so it didn't surprise me. Regardless how well it breathes or how many vents it has in weather like that it's just going to be hot. When I was moving with all of my vents open it was tolerable. I definitely recommend staying hydrated on those longer rides. I did really appreciate having the camel back pouch that came in handy on many rides this summer. I was really hoping to get three or four good seasons of riding out of this gear. Unfortunately with all of the issues that I've had in just one. I really doubt it will last through another season of riding. This gear just isn't holding up very well for me. It totally sucks but probably by this time next season I'll be in a Klim set of gear. I can't recommend this gear to anyone until the manufacturer gets thing's squared away. At this point I really feel like I waisted $350 bucks on lesser quality gear. I would like to see Rocky Mountain improve this gear the value is there quality is not however. Fix the waterproofing issues put a membrane in there that works and amp up quality on the other things I spoke of. If that cause the price to increase slightly that's ok. I would spend $300 on the jacket if it didn't have these problems. Overall the gear was comfortable on the bike and the features are great but it definitely needs some more refining.

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  • Firstgear Jaunt T2 Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Jaunt T2 Motorcycle Jacket

    Robert in WA

    Just right!

    Was looking for larger coat for the cooler season. I usually put on some electrics but so far the stock lining is pretty good and it should take me up to snow on the ground.

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  • Klim Induction Jacket

    Klim Induction Jacket

    Edwin in FL

    Klim riding gear

    Klim makes really good riding gear. -This jacket is not made for really cold weather without a under-liner that is not included with this jacket. -The shoulder protection is good, but could be a little better/larger. -I wish I would have got the next size up. -Getting the zipper started was difficult the first couple times because of the heavy duty reinforcement loop, but works great now!

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