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Protective Gear

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Protective Gear

Jerseys, jackets, pants, and boots – they all provide protection on your ride, but did you know there is still more you can do to avoid serious injury? Protective gear is a great addition to every riding ensemble, greatly enhancing your safety and security.

When it comes to protective gear, there are a lot of options. A great thing about the additional security is that it applies to a wide variety of activities. So, if you indulge in more than one type of riding, you can utilize some of the same gear – protection is protection. With base-layer shorts and shirts, body armor, protection jackets, and vests, you can pick the most comfortable and effective method for you personally. Another great benefit of protective gear is that most parts can be easily replaced. We stock and ship several brands of knee/elbow reinforcers, hip protectors, elbow armor, etc., so browse our collection if you’re ever looking to update your gear. The simple, extra layer could make all the difference in an accident.

Staying safe on your ride is all about being prepared, so take some time today to get familiar with our selection of protective gear. Reliable and durable, any new gear you order from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will have you feeling comfortable and secure, ready to handle the unexpected twists and turns of your ride.

Latest Protective Gear Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Moose Racing XC1 Body Armor

    Jason in IL

    Great Gear

    This has a great fit, low profile, and made of sturdy material. This will be my new protection under jersey for adv trips.

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  • EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    Matt in NY


    Sprained wrist really bad at first practice of the year. Couldn't ride with any confidence due to reinjuring every time I tried to ride. This gave way more support, got me back on my bike, helped my wrist heal. I cant speak for everyone but this helped keep me riding and now is a must wear item. It is a little tricky to get your gloves closed up but its worth it.

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  • Mobius X8 Wrist Brace

    Jon in NC

    best wrist braces PERIOD

    Bought these after a severe wrist sprain. I had been wearing EVS neoprene wrist wraps, and I discovered they really weren't giving me much protection. A couple years ago I had bought some Allsport Dynamics braces and sent them right back. I couldn't see how they would actually give any support or protection. With the Mobius, you can tell you're protected right away. The boa cable pulling the x-brace up against the bottom of your wrist gives a feeling of extreme stability and safety, while allowing enough movement. I keep the back velcro strap attached and just squeeze my hand through, since it is stretchy. This saves a lot of time. I can get these on and off over gloves in seconds and don't really notice them when riding. In fact, it sort of trains you to use the proper "door-knob" throttle technique.Well worth it, and Mobius is a great company who will help you out with replacement parts in a pinch, like they did with my knee braces.

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFit Hybrid Body Protector

    Rick in TX

    Leatt Airfit Hybird

    Have I really like the Leatt Airfit Hybird. It breaths good on those warm days and gives really good protection. I'm 190 #, 5'8" and does fit a little tight, but once you get to moving in it you don't notice it.

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  • Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector Insert

    Bob in MI

    nice protection

    Nice back protection. Haven't had to test it yet though.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Action Protection Jacket

    Andrew in TX

    Great fit but....

    So, i have always worn external shoulder pads. I got theses to wear under my jersey. I have broad shoulders and I am 5’10 175. These fit great and i love the elbow protectors especially when riding off-road in CO with all the rocks. My big question is their effectiveness. I have crashed hard many times over the years with the standard over the head style pads and always walked away. I crashed in these, a low speed flip over the bars and landed on my back. 5 broken ribs. Can’t say for sure but i wonder if they work as good. They are definitely hotter and you really need a shirt under them. The shoulder and elbow pads fit awesome. I just can’t help thinking i would not have broke the ribs.

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