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REV'IT! Pants

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  • Leatt Knee Brace Pant

    Scott in -


    No more knee braces sliding down my leg These are great!

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  • Fly Street Terra Trek Pant

    Manny in CA

    Ne sm sizes

    No sm or xs sizes. Like too many companies, they forget about us. GO Asterisk! We small guys ride too you know. Weak!

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  • A.R.C. Battle Born Adventure Pant

    Alex in ID

    Almost perfect!

    I give my best, to be honest, and forthcoming in my reviews, I won't bad-mouth something unless it truly failed any expectation and/or the company failed to make good on any failures. I took it for an hour test ride the first few moments it arrived in the mail, of course, I put on the undergarments and did the fitment test. I don't plan on using any jeans (only under armor) underneath as they will be used in summer riding. I wear a 32x32 in jeans, I'm 185lbs and 6ft. I really feel I would have fit the next size down better, I had to pull in the side straps all the way and give the front belt a snug pull, and tuck in my shirt. I bought the size 34 based on the inseam being a 32". I'm glad and not for this decision. As you can see in the full-length photo, and the way it felt; I wish there were tie-back straps for the calves. There is much excess material in the lower legs, you get the swishing effect when you walk. The reason I say I'm glad, it evens out when you sit down on the bike (you see in the sitting photo). 5 stars for the true fit if you wear these with only undergarments (under armor, liner, or thin pants like joggers) Do I wish I could swap them out for a size 32? I most likely would, but I have worn them for the test ride and my journey is in 3 days, so the new pair would not arrive in time. Would I buy another pair in the size I want? You bet! I might even sell these to a fellow rider who is a size bigger than me. I have a pair of River Road in black, they are not vented which is the whole reason I bought these for summer rides. Plus, the grey absorbs that much less heat from the sun comparably. On to the venting; it's a good concept, but they missed the mark slightly. Tons of vent opening and front and back makes for a good pass-through, and mesh inner leg helps air move about the country ;) It would be a major improvement if they made it to where you can prop the vent be open. When you are sitting down, the vents fall closed and no air movement, maybe when you stand once in a while? For short stints, I reached down and used my free hand to hold open the vent, at 95 degrees and 50mph it was a lifesaver! Huge difference! Because these have a water-repellent style fabric, they will be very warm to wear in the direct sun with no vents open as they have no breathability. I might fashion a couple of those bendable nose pieces from a few former masks and foam tape them inside the vent just under the zipper, give them a pinch when I open them up to keep a bend in it. :) 4 stars for the vent design Overall, they fit very well and were comfortable. Nothing I would wear inside a restaurant, they are too wide in material to be not seen as a stormtrooper in saggy jeans. Which, you need suspenders to keep them up! They are slightly heavy in the fabric, so maybe even in the proper size of waist, they may still fall down on you. Kudos on the weatherized zippers and lined pockets! I feel confident in any rain I might encounter. The knee pad inserts, you need one more pocket higher for those with long legs...close but not close enough. 4 stars for this. The material is tops, it feels very durable and long-lasting. The stitching is excellent, and the zippers I don't see a problem with long term. I dislike with a passion having huge symbols or gigantic brand letters all over the place, flashy colors, and weird designs all over. These fit the perfect styling, not too basic, and not showy. Very classy design with minimal lettering that still shows the brand in a fashionable way with good wide reflective piping that blends in with the colors perfectly. 5 stars! Best of all, they are not $500!? I would trust these to protect me as the textile is thick and the padding is placed well with decent thickness for impact protection. If the chance is there and I come upon the money to buy the 32", I will do it. I can make small improvements on the next pair to make them more custom fit, a top contender with much room to make them almost perfect!

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  • O'Neal Racing Youth Element Villain Pants

    Caitlin in OH


    Love it! Looks super cool and arrived insanely fast from when I ordered!

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  • O'Neal Racing Element Villain Pants

    Brad in NC


    Love them and true to size and the colors and styling are excellent

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  • O'Neal Racing Element Classic Pants

    James in TX

    Durable pants for the money

    Durable clothing and fit a bit large. Easy to clasp and tighten pants. Wish it had more of an internal pocket system.

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