Roko Riding Gear

Roko Riding Gear

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  • Roko Goggle Quick Straps

    Roko Goggle Quick Straps

    Alex in OH

    Makes trail riding much easier.

    I ride more slow, technical trails, so anytime i have to stop or go less that 5 mph my goggles will fog (even with Oakley air brakes). Plus when i come to a stop behind others I would have to either turn my bike off or find neutral (not easy on my bike for some reason) then i could use both hands to remove my googles. Now I can just use one hand to remove the google and one hand to put them back on. My only complaint is that i have to install the straps upside down to use my right hand for velcro side so i can keep my clutch held. Also, these will NOT work with the outrigger system on Oakley goggle. Oakley has unique straps. So I use these on my 100% goggles.

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  • Roko Quick Strap Remount Kit

    Roko Quick Strap Remount Kit

    Donald in CO

    Rook mount kit.

    Have been using them for long time, when riding in hot gnarly trails, mtn passes, my glasses fog up, just pop off goggles and ride on. VERY HANDY AND EASY.

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  • Roko Quick Strap Velcro Remount Kit

    Roko Quick Strap Velcro Remount Kit

    BRET in ID

    Great for breaks

    Works well. Makes it easy to put goggles on or off. Velcro stays sticky for a long time. Highly recommend this product.

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