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Thumper Jockey Riding Gear

Thumper Jockey Riding Gear

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  • Thumper Jockey Helmet Light

    Robert in WA

    Good for slow woods, not for fast desert

    I bought a pair of these for a last minute, spur of the moment 24 hr team endurance race, and mounted them on my helmet to supplement my stock KTM headlight which sucks. The course was pretty high speed, desert race type of terrain. These lights are bright, but they don't throw out very far. They would be perfect for single track woods riding, or just slower fun- ride night rides. But they did limit my speed due to lack of throw. After about 60' the beam just becomes very soft and you lose definition. Very good lights for what they are though. Will use them in the woods for sure. Can't speak to battery life yet. Ran them for about an hour at a time on high, and they still showed full on the indicators. Topped them off between laps anyway though. Also, reviews indicate they come with both wall and car chargers, but that is apparently no longer true. They only come with a wall charger.

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