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  • RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    Adam in MI

    If you love adjusting your chain after every ride t...

    Chain has held up amazingly well. I know an o-ring chain will rob a minuscule amount of power over a standard chain but not having drench your chain in lube and adjust chain tension all the time makes an o-ring chain so worth it.

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  • RK 520 Chain

    RK 520 Chain

    Cameron in AZ

    Great Value

    This chain is an affordable chain that gets the job done. I have not had any issues with it.

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  • RK 520MXZ4 Chain

    RK 520MXZ4 Chain

    Paul in CO

    Nice light chain

    I was tired of o ring chains robbing horsepower from my bikes . Plus it's lightweight .

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  • RK 520MXZ4 Gold Chain

    RK 520MXZ4 Gold Chain

    BRIAN in NE

    Awesome Chain

    This chain works great and is long lasting. I have never had an issue with this chain.

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  • RK 428MXZ Chain

    RK 428MXZ Chain

    Scott in MI


    The chain only lasted one race before it stretched and ending up snapping. Lost the race because of it.

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  • RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    George in CO

    New chain and sprockets

    After 20,000 miles it was time to change the stock chain and sprockets. The kit for stock gearing made it painless to order and install. Good price also. Just hope they last another 20,000 miles.

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