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  • RotopaX Storage Pack

    RotopaX Storage Pack

    Philip in CA

    Great tool box

    This works great as tool storage on my 1090

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  • RotopaX Fuel Pack

    RotopaX Fuel Pack

    Philip in CA

    Pretty good

    I have a 1 gallon can and it works great on the inside of my tusk racks on my 1090 adv r my only complaint is the cap is very very hard to loosen i am a big guy and can barely open it my wife can not under any circumstances.

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  • RotopaX Pack Mount

    RotopaX Pack Mount

    Philip in CA


    This works great and fit my 1090 adv r tusk racks perfect

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  • RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    David in TX


    I really wasn't big on these at first but I saw a few at a show and I just installed a Poison Spyder tire carrier which uses these for fuel or water carrying. So I bought 2 of the locking models. And I was very surprised at how tough and solid the mounts are I do wish the bracket was a slight bit thicker and tougher but even as thin as it is I don' see them breaking without breaking the container on them. I am very happy with the choice to switch to these. I do recommend the locking over the non locking version.

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  • RotopaX L-Bracket

    RotopaX L-Bracket

    William in NV

    Works great

    If you need one get one

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  • RotopaX Replacement Fuel Pack ECO/CARB Spout

    RotopaX Replacement Fuel Pack ECO/CARB Spout

    Gary in UT

    Love my ROTOPAX gas can . Had it since 2013, and just now replaced the spout. It has been used on 4 wheeler, Razor , riding lawnmower and a couple other machines. Great product and locally made . Doesn’t get any better than that.??????????

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