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Rox Speed FX

Latest Rox Speed FX Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Rox Speed FX 1 3/4" Handlebar Risers


    Ron in AL

    Great option for tall riders

    I am a tall rider, 6'-4", and my bars felt too close to my hips while standing. I could compensate by flattening my back which had a tendency to get me off balance (front to rear). By rotating the bars ahead of the standard mounting position I feel more balanced and comfortable under hard acceleration.

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  • Rox Speed FX 2" Handlebar Risers


    Thomas in OR

    I almost didn't go with the 2 inch, but i'm glade I...

    These risers went on very easy and were great quality. I was worried about my cables being too short, but the only thing I had to modify was cutting the zip tie under the head light. I thing they made my riding position much more comfortable.

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  • Rox Speed FX Pro-Offset Elite Block Risers


    Scott in -

    Worth it !

    Bought the Rox Risers for my 01 XR 100 and couldn't be happier . They opened up the cockpit so I could get my knees under the handle bars and made it more comfortable for my arms ( I'm 6'2" .. it's my adult pit bike ) . Only draw back I had was the 8 mm bolts that bolt the Rox Risers to the XRs clamps were to big . So I had to go to the local hardware store to get 6 mm bolts .

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  • Rox Speed FX 3 1/2" ATV Handlebar Risers



    Great product, Easy fit, Easy on the wallet.

    Fitted these risers to my Grizzly 700 with a set of Pro-Taper bars. The risers fit easily. Change over was about 40 mins. Cant quite see the dash anymore when sitting, but can easily see it when standing. The bars are slightly lower than standard now, but the feeling is much better. Whish I had of done this mod sooner. Well worth it.

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