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S&B Filters

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  • S&B Filters Particle Separator


    Charles in CO

    Overall it's Fantastic!

    Fantastic! I ride the Sonoran desert 90% of the time with Moab thrown in. At times it's extremely dusty as it was the past 2yrs before the monsoons hit. First trip to Moab in 2020, a buddy had the particle separator on his machine, I didn't. After two full days of riding my air filter was completely clogged, my buddies air filter looked like a clean new filter. I now have a particle separator. Easy install, fits fine, works great keeping air filter clean as well as the internal engine by keeping oil cleaner which helps prolong engine life. I see S&B has developed a quieter separator, unfortunately if you have an older S&B P/S, S&B cant upgrade to make it quieter.

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  • S&B Filters Air Filter


    Daniel in VA

    Great filter that can be easily cleaned and no oil ...

    This washable filter fits perfectly and keeps the dirt out! Easy to clean by tapping on the floor or washing it. Best part is it lasts a long time and needs NO oiling!!!

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  • S&B Filters Particle Separator 2


    Marcus in AZ

    A must have!!

    This unit works awesome! I spent 5 days in the sand dunes ,came home and inspected the filter and was very pleased to see how clean it still is. I run a K&N filter with an outerwear and the outerwear had a few grains of sand on it (probably got there when the car was parked and the system was off) We had crazy wind.

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