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  • Scorpion EXO-AT950 Tucson Modular Helmet

    Jay in CT

    Nice helmet but spend time checking fit before comm...

    I like this helmet but have been struggling with proper fit. I'm a returning rider and this is the first helmet I've purchased in 30 years. I chose the EXO-AT950 from the positive reviews and the features. I do like the helmet but for a couple things - the fit is not quite right for me and the optic of the faceshield seems to be a little off but these two things could be related - let me explain: I measured my head and my head dia is at the high end of the size small shell size for this helmet. So I went with the small. The fit was quite snug, especially on the jaw and cheeks but I thought that is what I needed. After a few rides of 3 or more hours I discovered I was seeing double/cross eyed toward the end of the rides. After thinking about it, it occurred to me that maybe the helmet was squeezing my head so hard that after a few hours it was distorting my vision. I contacted Scorpion to find out if there are other fit options. They recommended I go with the medium size cheek pads (which are replaceable). I purchased them and so far its been better but not ideal. Looking at the Scorpion sizing table it appears they have 3 shell sizes: small, medium and large. Within those shell sizes they have different size pad sets to give them XS,S, M, L, and XL, XXL. The medium cheek pads in the small shell is not a big difference. Supposedly the pads are thinner in a larger size within the shell size. I may try the large helmet pads next but will wait to see if the pads break in a bit over time. The root cause may be that I have the head of chimpanzee (small cranium, large jaw). Ok, other than fit I like the helmet. The shield flips up easily, the front flips up and latches easily. Sealing, wind noise and stability is quite good up to 70 mph (I ride a DRZ so don't go much faster). The visor and sun shields are both nice features. I found out the face shield is a $50 replacement after dropping the helmet on a rock. My head was in it at the time so I say it was a fair trade off. The weight is not really noticeable for me. No issues with neck strain after 4 hour rides. The liner is a nice material. Comes with a closure for the chin area for the cold and panels to fill the gap if you wish to remove the visor. All seem like quality parts. I've experienced very little to no fogging issues at temps down in 30s. Only a small amount with the chin closure in. Bottom line: this is a nice helmet and deserving of the positive reviews. In my case I have learned I need to spend more time getting the fit correct before committing to the purchase.

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  • Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet

    Derrick in MO

    Good helmet

    So far the helmet is great. It does take a little work to get my glasses on but since it's a modular I just pull the sides out a little and then they go in just fine. The sun visor clears my glasses plenty of clearance and easy to operate.

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  • Scorpion Yosemite Motorcycle Pants

    Gordon in UT

    great pants

    Very comfortable, for the money a great deal, haven't been in the rain yet but it appears they will do the job.

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  • Scorpion Optima Jacket

    Gordon in UT

    great jacket

    Been a great fit, comfortable, the collar at the neck could use a little more comfort but overall a very great jacket

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  • Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet

    Gordon in UT

    great head gear

    Vents and open view and lens sills really tight definitely a 5 in those areas, the fit to my head is a 4 for comfort, maybe after having it a while it will become more comfortable

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  • Scorpion EXO-R2000/R410/R710/T1200/T510 Replacement Faceshield

    Charles in NC

    Fits and works flawlessly

    I buy a new shield every ride because cleaning the shield makes it week. Even with only water. Water caused the Grand Canyon and I don't want to sacrifice safety by cleaning my face shield.

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