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Latest Scott Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Scott Works Hustle/Tyrant Standard Tear-Offs

    Carlos in TX


    Thanks, I need this, finally found them here. Will be using them soon.

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  • Scott Deuce Grips With Donuts

    Phillip in WV

    scott deuce grips with donuts

    excellent grips. they have a great feel and the donuts ad extra comfort to the thumbs

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  • Scott Youth Agent Goggle

    Joe in NC


    They?re ok, but don?t try to put them on an adult size

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  • Scott Diamond Grips with Donuts

    Shawn in WA

    great value

    I have had these grips on the last 4 bikes i have had. they provide great grip. and yet are cheap enough to replace if you need to.

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  • Scott Speed Strap

    David in NV

    Those stupid stretch bands are for skiers.

    Ever rest, pull your goggles forward stretching the band out and then placing them on your mouthguard for convenience and easy restarts? Ever put them back on and the fog is merciless? You huffed and puffed right on the lens for five minutes chatting with your bros and reshaping the foam to not fit your face as well. Regular goggles make you take your helmet off at rest or pull your strap and stretch it needlessly to avoid fogging up your lens. These let you plop off your goggles and keep them fog free. How cool is that? You're gonna crash and look stupid, why not be cool while it's happening? Be cool.

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  • Scott Youth Buzz Pro Goggle

    Josh in WA

    Frame too Big

    They don't fit the opening of my son's helmet, so I have to go back to using his old, smaller-frame Scott goggles. He's almost 6 yrs. old. These are a 5-star product, but it's a bummer they don't fit the helmet I bought 2 months ago. He'll probably need a new helmet in a year, so I'll keep them until then.

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