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Seal Savers

Latest Seal Savers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Seal Savers Zip-On Fork Covers

    dave in CA

    Must have

    I must have to protect yourselves from mud and dirt

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  • Seal Savers Fork Covers

    KYSON in UT

    DON' BUY

    If you have an older generation yz where you have the fork guard guides up on the fork fork. These will NOT work. I tried to put them on an the guides would not clamp on and there is no other place they would go. I ended up cutting them off because I did not want to take apart my whole front end again. It was a waste of $20.

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  • Seal Savers Fork Covers - Inverted Forks

    Adamo in CA

    First ride out, rubbed a hole through

    Super bummed the rear of my plastic fork guard rubbed a hole right through these in just an hour. I have the longer versions, so i guess I can move them up, trim off the excess, then figure out what to put around them to prevent more holes. Plastic fork protectors are pretty standard on bikes, hope they can come up with a better solution. I love the idea behind these!

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  • Seal Savers Palm Saver

    MIKE in CT


    I am a repeat buyer of the Palm Savers. They fit comfortably under the gloves although the first time using them they felt odd. Previously I had been re-experiencing blisters on my hands after the initial damage (blister). A club member strongly suggested these Palm Savers and they made a night and day difference for me. If you are suffering from blisters, first loosen your death grip on the bars and second get these.

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  • Seal Savers UTV ProSeries CV Savers

    Darren in NS

    They stay on after a shit kicking

    Wanted to really use machine before giving my two cents Well they stayed on through everything I put them through Only use the upper tie the lower tie will work itself off no big deal I'll tell I thought these might suck but they work better then a old gym sock tied over your axle boots

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  • Seal Savers UTV CV Savers

    Dan in IA

    What did very good idea if a more durable material ...

    These are a great idea, just a problem with material used doesn't hold up very well ends up cracking and tearing within the first year. Flexible at first but then tears and cracks...

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