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Latest Sedona Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    jason in MO

    Excellent for rocks and trails

    Have the 30’s on a Rzr 900 and the 32’s on a Rzr 1000. The appearance of the tire is aggressive which is what I was going for. . Great tires for trails and rocks. Both sets have around 1000 miles so far and are still about 50% tread left. They are a little soft for pavement riding but I will definitely replace with the same tires when needed.

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  • Sedona Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Sedona Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Tim in AZ

    Affordable Tube

    Great product with an affordable price. Haven't had any issues with these tubes wearing any different than the expensive versions.

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  • Sedona Motorcycle Tube

    Sedona Motorcycle Tube

    Aaron in CA

    Sedona Tube

    This Sedona tube was not great for me. Ended up with multiple holes in it after install. Pulled em out and patched the holes, reinstalled, and ended up with more holes. Ended up swapping to an IRC Heavy Duty Tube. Way better for the money.

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  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    DARYL in ID

    Excellent UTV Tires

    Purchased these tires for my Polaris RZR 800. I increased tire size by one size in order to gain a bit more clearance. I am very happy with the tires. I have had them in service for 2 years and have put approximately 800 miles on them. Wear has been very good and traction is awesome. I would highly recommend these tires based on their performance and price.

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  • Sedona Coyote Tire

    Sedona Coyote Tire

    Justin in MN

    Perfect for winter sloppy weather driving

    The tires are awesome!!!!

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  • Sedona V-Bar Tire Chain Bungies

    Sedona V-Bar Tire Chain Bungies

    SCOTT in AZ

    Find something better

    These only last for one season. I bought them twice thinking the first set of four was bad but same thing. They start to crack early and then finally break. They need to make them out of a better compound or come up with something else. Save your money.

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