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Latest Sedona Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    David in MT

    Tons of traction and the look great too.

    These tires are ridiculous! Absolutely buy a set

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  • Sedona Coyote Tire

    Sedona Coyote Tire

    Hank in UT


    Very good tire for trail use.

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  • Sedona MX887IT Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Sedona MX887IT Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Shawn in TX

    great tire for the price

    I replaced a Dunlop hoping for a decent cheap tire for a mix of surfaces. This is a great option, for the price and way better than the Chinese no name brand I tried before. It does very well gripping on single track and no flats yet. The well prepped dry and sandy loam tracks it does not do as well, which is understandable for a Intermediate tire. In mud it very sticky too. So far I have about 15 hours on it and the wear is barely noticeable .

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  • Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Tire

    Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Tire

    Kaegan in NM

    Great Value tire

    Have 2, approx 6h rides on it, with no issues. Corners have sorta rounded off, but still has good tread depth. Hooks up good in mud and sand and dirt and even in the rocks. Does not do great in snow, but what tire does honestly. I'm going to try the Tusk Recon for my next tire, but I will likely get this one again. The cons have more to do with the fact that it was pretty difficult to mount the first time, and I've mounted quite a few tires. I think it may have had to do with the way it was packaged. The second time I mounted it, it was a lot easier, though.

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  • Sedona Motorcycle Tube

    Sedona Motorcycle Tube

    Christopher in OH

    PW 80 tubes

    Good price, Good product

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  • Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    jason in MO

    Excellent for rocks and trails

    Have the 30’s on a Rzr 900 and the 32’s on a Rzr 1000. The appearance of the tire is aggressive which is what I was going for. . Great tires for trails and rocks. Both sets have around 1000 miles so far and are still about 50% tread left. They are a little soft for pavement riding but I will definitely replace with the same tires when needed.

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