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  • Seizmik Auto-Style Rear View Mirror

    Seizmik Auto-Style Rear View Mirror

    Lyle in ID

    Rearview Mirror

    Some pictures in the box would be good!

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  • Seizmik Pursuit UTV Side View Mirrors

    Seizmik Pursuit UTV Side View Mirrors

    Lyle in ID

    Side Mirrors

    Very well built Mirrors! Easy to attach/install.

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  • Seizmik Upper Door Kit

    Seizmik Upper Door Kit

    Mark in MI


    Garbage. Don't waste your money. You have to modify and cut the brackets in order to get them to fit on a 2018. They Don't seal well at all. When the machine is parked very tiny air gaps. When u pick up speed the gaps are HUGE! At 50mph the gaps in the doors become well over an inch. I'm now having to modify them to stay closed. Adding straps with buckles so I can keep them closed. I can't return them because you have to cut into the inside doors skins for installation. I'm now fixing them or buying new inside door skins! Garbage...

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  • Seizmik UTV Hood Rack

    Seizmik UTV Hood Rack

    woody in OK

    Seizmik Hood Rack for 2018 Polaris 570 EFI

    Initially this hood rack looked like a great way to add more cargo space but it has it's problems: If you install it as per instructions you can't lift the UTV hood for service without removing the rack. Who dreamed this up? The front attachment hard ware & brackets are difficult to install due to space restrictions. I had to add flat slotted strap to the attachment to modify & shim the top attachment on both sides as this hood rack was designed for the wider Full size Ranger. Finally 3 months after the installation I noticed the inside of the tubing was rusting & spilling out on my Ranger hood. Don't the Chinese have proper paint for this product. I'm very disappointed in the rack's exterior finish.

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  • Seizmik Mirror Extension Mounts

    Seizmik Mirror Extension Mounts

    Marshall in NY

    Finishing touch to the Pursuit Mirrors

    Ruggedly built the attachment bolts should be a little longer to go completely through the nuts on the frame on the Polaris General.

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  • Seizmik UTV Strike Side View Mirror

    Seizmik UTV Strike Side View Mirror

    Rich in ID

    This mirror is a great accessory!

    This mirror is a great accessory to our razor! It is easy to install and it is less expensive than many of the other ones out there and works extremely well. Definitely worth the money paid!

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