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Latest Seizmik Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Seizmik Versa-Vent Windshield

    SHAWN in NH

    There are Pros and cons

    There are some pros and cons to this windshield. First, it looks great and does a fantastic job of cutting down on the wind and keeping dust out. I really like the windshield for that. It fits great and seals well. The negatives are that it comes without the rubber seal installed, and putting that on is a pain in the butt. it is hard to get all the on and to get around the corners. It also started to fall off after one ride and I had to push it back on. The second negative is that the windshield is very loose on the bottom edge in the middle. It makes sense because the windshield is long and there are no clamps in the middle of the shield, but it would be great if there was a way to add a clamp in the middle of the bottom edge of the windshield to ensure a tighter more secure fit. I'm not sure if this will be a bigger issue over time, but we will see. Finally, the fit up and installation of the windshield was great and was very easy. If the manufacturer would install the rubber gasket before shipping and could possibly glue it on, this would be a much better product.

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  • Seizmik Versa-Fold Windshield


    Seizmik fold down windshield

    Directions were not the best, but figured it out. Installing the weatherstrip was the hardest part, then trying to decipher the less than helpful grainy pictures to complete the installation. Once fitted, it works great - nice having the choice of complete protection or folding down for air flow. Nice product.

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  • Seizmik Mirror Mount

    Kathy in ID

    Happy to have my side mirrors back!

    So happy I found these on your website. I changed windshields on the 2015 Razor and my brackets on the side mirrors no long fit. Thanks to these brackets I now have my side mirrors back. Also, these were very easy to install.

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  • Seizmik UTV Strike Side View Mirror

    Derrick in OH


    So far so good, look great, install was easy, and their quality pieces.

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  • Seizmik Pursuit UTV Side View Mirrors

    Brent in IA

    Great quality product

    Great quality product, durable, easy to install. Look great.

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  • Seizmik Dump Bed Rack

    Paul in UT

    So Far, So Good

    I settled on this rack for my General XP. The actual quality of the components is pretty good. Only time will tell how it holds up with use and weathering. I had a problem with the driver's side support - the bottom rail was not flat, rather bowed between the front and back tube(s). The passenger side support fit flush with the bed of the side x side. I contacted Seizmik, sent photos, and the sent me another driver's side support. When the new one arrived, it too was bowed, so I just used the original support. Because the bottom bar is bowed up, the support sits about an 1/8" above the bed in the middle. I don't know if this will affect how sturdy the rack will stay attached to the bed once I actually go riding with it on. The install instructions could have been a little easier to read and understand. Several things I had to use common sense - the install photos were not large enough to show detail. All in all, so far I'm happy with my purchase. But like I said earlier, I will have to actually go riding to see how well the rack stays attached to the bed once the machine gets jostled around.

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